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I Feel Very Lonely It Could Be Because I Was Alone Most Of My Life Mabey. After all, I'm Not In A relationship, But I wouldn't say I like This Feeling

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To start this off, I Was Kidnapped by my so-called "family" as a baby, and so I grew up in a hostile home, My parents weren't very nice and sometimes hit me. I had four siblings, a little sister, two older brothers, and an older sister. Growing up was tuff. No one liked me because I was weird, and from all that neglect and abuse, I became what the kids say, a bully. I was mean. I had a terrible attitude and not many friends. I was trendy, but I was not too fond of it. i knew that non of them really liked me just using me for popularity so I stoped hanging out with them and over time I just became alone I was a weird kid growing up I didn't like the things normal kids like I was interested in potions, Dragons, Magics, Wiserds, Witches, Hell, and so much more because of that my parents just became worse over time I was moved to the basement because they could easily lock me in there my siblings on the other hand were terrific in my parents eyes they loved them but my siblings never helped me to them I was just some kid living in there house for free when I turned 16 I got a letter from a black crow i was kinda nerves to open it but then my "mother" came down saw the Letter and took it I was devastated and this happened over and over and over again to the point were they decided to leave and move and sadly they took me with them we were in this new house for about five days and in that time I had to sleep on the floor but o the sixth day a tall very tall man came to the house he didn't even nock he interdused himsef and then said that he was taking me too a place called hogwart were the wiches and wiserds go to learn magics i was amititly interested and exited but the those excuses of human beings said no but surprising llea the man said that is wasn't up for discussion and that he was taking me anyways and that was it I woke up in a small cabin with the man beside me hand all he said was come with me to the school of Hogwarts were you will finally have a real family and well know I'm here and he was right I love it here and indeed I do have a family know. My entire family, I finally was reunited with my dad, also known as Severus Snape/Professor Snape!!!!! If you want to know more, ask.
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