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im the person who gets all the work done in a group project. it sucks

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"it's not my job to make you feel like a man. I can't make you something you're not" - A line I hope I get to use one day.

me irl
I like to think that Lilly is kinda like me. The things that she says are definitely things that I would say. I'm lowkey bi but am gonna be in the closet forever bc my dad gets super uncomfortable when you mention ANYTHING that has to do with LGBTQ+. "Hey Papi my friend just came out as lesbian"... *grumble*. "Oh um actually they use they/them pronouns" *grumble*. WE WERE DOING ONLINE SYNAGOGUE THE OTHER DAY AND THE RABBI WAS LIKE TALKING ABT HIS FRIEND WHO WAS A BLACK, QUEER WOMAN AND HE GOES: "Oh can't we go to a different online shul"

anyways I hope that that made sense

Here are some of my OCs

(this is my main OC but I am open to using any of them)
Name: Lilly
Last name: Grindent
Ravenclaw but in a family of Hufflepuffs.
dirty blond, curly hair
long legs
favorite classes; Herbology and potions
eyes: green and almond shapes
tannish skin
wand: Acacia wood with a unicorn hair core, 11 ½" and slightly yielding flexibility
Smart and enjoys reading and watching Quidditch.
Likes: Adventures, taking risks, reading, and playing quidditch.
Dislikes: People that try to be "quirky", History, boring muggle books, etc.

Name: Lyra
Last name: Rippel
raven black hair
almond eyes
eyes: hazel in the sun but most of the time green
favorite classes: potions and defense against the dark arts
Witty, grades are fine, mischievous, always down for sneaking out and having some fun

Juliette Granger
blue eyes
blond hair
Smart in school but is clueless in real life
bi with a preference for guys
caring and considerate, kind and should really be a Hufflepuff
favorite classes: transfiguration and herbology

male OC:

Alex Tuffin
age: (depends on rp)
Kind and funny, but when you first meet him he can be intimidating
curly brown hair
green eyes
pretty pale skin
sexuality: straight
relatively smart
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