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Skye Snape (she/her), Slytherin

Blood status: Pureblood 

Sexuality: Bisexual 

Appearance: 5’6, thin, long black hair, hazel eyes, fair skin, a few freckles and beauty marks

Personality: Skye is a very quiet and shy person, though she comes off as a bit rude or uncaring- it will take a while for her to warm up to anybody. Once she feels comfortable around someone, good luck trying to get her to shut up. She enjoys spending time with her friends, even if it’s just doing schoolwork or reading side by side, and she likes to learn new things. Skye gets jealous very easily and though it's not hard to upset her, it's rare that she loses her cool. She WILL tease and embarrass people, thinking it’s funny when others are flustered.

Likes: Peppermint tea, watching the stars, old muggle movies (especially on what they think magic is like), sweets (she’s got the biggest sweet tooth), and watching Quidditch. 

Dislikes: Being too serious, kids (they creep her the hell out), bugs, rude people, and getting yelled at. 


Dylan Snape (he/him), Slytherin

Blood status: Purebood

Sexuality: Pansexual

Appearance: 6’0, slim but has some muscle, fluffy black hair, dark blue eyes, somewhat sharp features, pale skin, a few scars

Personality: Dylan is a bit closed off, not easily warming up to people. He can be quite reckless (the boy loves a good adrenaline rush), and loves to get on people’s nerves. He likes to seem tough and stoic, but he’s actually quite sweet when he wants to be. Dylan doesn’t like to be touched, only letting those he truly trusts and feels comfortable with touch him (he warms up to it eventually, actually being quite touch-starved). He will get in a fight for those he cares for, just say the word and he’s throwing hands. He's hot headed but can be a huge overthinker. But honestly above all else, he's just an awkward teenage boy.

Likes: Coffee (seriously, he’s addicted), rainy weather, playing Quidditch (he’s one of the beaters for his team), being outside, kids (he’s actually really good with children), and going on adventures. 

Dislikes: Mornings (good luck waking him up, he’s practically half-dead until he gets caffeine), bullies, hot weather, schoolwork, sweets, people who are too serious, and having to follow a lot of rules.


These are my two main OCs, but I do have two more characters: another female (Hufflepuff) and another male (Ravenclaw). Just send an owl if you'd like to hear about them.



I will only do 18+ with certain people, PLEASE DO NOT DEMAND A MATURE RP, and please don't ask unless we've talked for a while and you know I'm comfortable with you.

I prefer to talk in the first and third person, let me know what works best for you.

Please don't control my character (the way that my characters talk and act is up to me).

I prefer longer, more detailed responses. I understand that response lengths will vary throughout the RP but if all I get is a simple sentence, I will get bored. I will match my responses to match yours the best I can.






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