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The morning I received my letter, I was scared, nervous but so very excited. Im a full blood witch, my parents booth went to Hogwarts, and they were both griffendor, so I just knew so was I. When we first arrived at platform 9 3/4 I saw a lovely looking girl and wen tup to see if I could sit with her and her friends. Her name was herminoe, and Harry was there, Harry is my cousin but he doesn't know, and Ron are my best friends. Some of there sorting hat times took a long time, but mine was quick like he knew where I needed to be. So far my favorite class is the dark arts class, I just love it and all the mistory. Potions on the other hand are my least favorite, although I am very very good at it. Most people I see know me because my father was a teacher at Hogwarts, but as Im sure you know he's been missing for a very long time. And my mother, well she changed when my father was gone, I've been living with... don't tell anyone but hagrid. He and my father were great friends. I was just a baby when you know who took power, only hours after he was seen in my town my father went missing. My mother says he went looking for him, and was gonna try and stop him. But then they found out what happened to Aunt Lily and Uncle James that night.
My greatest strength, would be my determination. My weakness on the other hand, I care too much for everyone, I always feel bad doesn't matter who it is.... When I finish school I want to become at teacher at Hogwarts just like my father. My favorite part o magic is that we can use it for the good, and the bad. All I want is peace in the wizard world, I would sacrifice my life for it.
My owls name is lucky, my uncle james left it to me for good luck. He is a very smart owl and he loves me deeply.
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