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<font color=black><font size= 3>Name: Astrae Lyons⁣⁣
Birthday: November 11
Birthplace: Devon, England
Blood Status: Pure-Blood

<summary>About Astrae</summary>
Growing up: Astrae was born in a very wealthy city of Italy, Milan, into the Lyons family. She was the first and only daughter Caroline and Luca Lyons had, always treated like a baby regardless of her age. The family of three lived in a huge manor home in England, their home had beautiful gardens that adorned the outside and the family was happy with their way of life. Although the manor was commonly packed with butlers and what-not, it had an eerie feel and was often quiet. Overall, the girl had a happy life with loving parents that caressed and pampered her every day.

First Instance of Magic: It was no surprised Astrae was a witch, after all, her parents were two hard-working Ministry employees. However, the first time her family knew for sure happened when she was about 6-7 years old. It was a sunny day and as a tradition, her family headed to the beach. The waves were nice and low and the current was steady, however, Astrae's parents didn't notice the rip current near the side they rested as the girl entered the water, she was pulled in. Seconds before disaster, a small bubble formed around her head preventing her to drown.

<summary>Magic Related</summary>
Pet: Dior, Screech Owl
Wand: Hazel wood with a dragon heartstring core, 13" and hard flexibility
Patronous: Black Mamba (snake)
Boggart: Moths!
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