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Name: Emeilla Aemina Bonaccord
Birthday: 5th December
Birthplace: Heptonstall, UK
Blood Status: Pure-Blood

Wand: 10 3/4 inches, Laurel Wood with a Unicorn Hair Core, Slightly Springy
Patronus: St. Bernard Dog

Backstory: Emeilla is a pure-blood witch of French heritage. Her father, Marcurio, works for the Ministère des Affaires Magiques de la France in the French embassy in Britain. She lives with him and her two elder brothers, Benuel and Varens, in the Yorkshire countryside. She lost her mother, Lisa, at a young age and is barely able to remember her.
While her brothers were both Slytherin and her mother was a Ravenclaw (her father attended Beauxbatons), Emeilla is a Hufflepuff. She refuses to share her male family members views that Muggles are lesser beings and does not discriminate against people based on their background. For this reason, she does not have a good relationship with her father or eldest brother, Varens, and spends most holidays at Hogwarts. Benuel (who is three years older than her) is much more sympathetic and often helps her study.
Her childhood was fairly uneventful, though she had very little communication with children her age. As a result, she is rather shy and spends all of her free time with her head in a book.
In the future, she wants to be a Healer and work at Hogwarts.
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