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I am Terance Lupin-Black! My parents are Remus and Sirius. (Wolfstar is REAL!) My Godfather is Harry Potter!

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I am the son of Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. (I ship Wolfstar and Wolfstar is real!!!) I am a Pure-Blood Gryffindor. What do I think of Muggle-Borns you ask? Well, I think they are ok. They don't have Wizard Blood, but they are Wizard/Witches. I don't agree with this Pure-Blood mania! I think it's ridiculous! Well, my Dad (Remus) and Father (Sirius) think that too. I was sad when I learned Father (Sirius) died. I wasn't even 11 then. I was 6 years old. My Godfather is Harry Potter. He's pretty cool. My Godbrother is Silvanus Dumbledore. (Remus is Silvanus Dumbledore's Godfather. You should follow him as well.) Ok, let me get this straight, Silvanus is older than me! He is in his first year, yes, but he moved (Well, he more escaped) to the U.K. at age 13 from the U.S.! (Luckyyyyyy, he saw the U.S.! ;)) Professor Dumbledore, (Silvanus' Dad) decided to enroll Silvanus at Hogwarts. So, in other words, Silvanus is 13 in his first year while I am 11. I have Legilimency (I can read minds) and Heterochromia. (My eyes are different colors.) I also am a Metamorphmagus. (I can change what I look like at will.) My hair is brown, but I can turn it any color at will. My left eye is green while my right eye is grey. I can change my eye color but because they are already different colors, it makes me light-headed to make my eyes match. So, I'm pretty easy to spot with one green eye and one grey eye!

Pet: Swooping Evil (I don't have a name for it) (Look it up if you don't know what it is. I got it from Newt Scamander.)


(That is Silvanus' link to his profile.) (Please follow him!)
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