Eliza Schuyler

Legacy: Planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.

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Eliza. Damn this girl is one of a kind. there's no doubt if you meet an Eliza you will be star struck from first sight. Even though she will often deny it. Eliza is a beautiful, funny, amazing and SOLID person on her base level with so many new interesting and amazing things coming to light when you get to know her. She can be self conscious and stubborn at the worst of times but when you really need her she's always a phone call away. She will gladly sit and listen to musicals whilst it rains and will never leave your side no matter what. Her eyes are amazing, her voice is amazing, the way she looks at you when you fuck up is amazing and no matter what you do, do not let this go unnoticed as you will be sure to realize the value of her company within the first moments of meeting her.
WOAH DUDE! THAT'S ELIZA!!!</details>



El~ Ask
Liza~ Ask
Beth~ Ask
Peabean~ Ask
E~ Ask
Iza~ Ask
Liz~ Ask
Miss. Iza~ All orphans
Bitch~ Anyone
Anyting else is fine, but pleeeeeeease ask before.</details>

Elizabeth is the daughter of Jason and Cathy Schuyler. Her father was a descended of Phillip Schuyler, and Angelica, Eliza, Peggy, Catherine, Cornelia, Phillip, John And Ren Schuyler. Eliza grew up in a healthy environment, with lots of money to spare, she was kind with her money though, and would donate it. When Eliza was 11 her dad was killed by someone named Theodore Burr. Burr. Schuyler. Burr. Not a fit. Eliza was devastated, but tried her best to help her mum who had gone into a paralyzed state. Eliza never went to school after age 12, but was very, very smart. When she was 28vshe was accepted into Ithaca university. Today, she still goes there, with her younger sister, following her steps. She owns Graham Windham orphanage and SDN.</details>





<details><summary>Surprise! Only id your ready though!</summary>


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