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➴➵➶➴➵➶➴➵➶➴➵➶➴➵➶➴➵➶➴➵➶➴➵➶❝I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.❠

--Multiple sources



Being the daughter of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley isn't easy. first of all, everybody is always eyeballing you. Second of all, you can't have any privacy!!!! Well,my dad was worse, so ya. I got my FIRST invitation during dads birthday. The owl accidently dropped the letter on the candles. I don't know how they knew, but in a matter of seconds,a new letter came in. This time, James (my oldest brother) grabbed it mid air. "you can't get it! you can't get it!" I have glasses like dad, and I'm also small and skinny for my age. Dad pointed his wand at the card and said "Acio!". It ripped. Dad shot an angry look at James. He looked down. He was in 6th year. Albus was in 5rd, and Lily was in 3rd. I was the youngest. ANOTHER letter came flying in. This time, mum got it. she made a WIDE smile. She looked down at me, her long hair touching my nose. "Its for you." she said. She gave it to me. I read it. "Amanda Potter". It had the symbol of Hogwarts on it. I was so exited... I fainted and fell to the table with a SPLAT!!! I fell on the cake. When I woke up, I felt wet. Mum and Dad where leaning on my side. I was in my bedroom upstairs. I could hear the roars of laughter downstairs from James,Albus,and Lily. Luckly, we weren't muggles so they couldn't use the weird "phone" thing and take a picture of me. Mum had used the "Aguamenti" charm to clean my face. At that time, I had no clue that I could speak parselmouth. On the train, Albus went to Scorpion and I went to find My Cousin Hailey Weasley. She is the ONLY Weasley in the family that had Blonde hair!!! When I found her, we sat down talked. Dad still has money from his little fortune that grandma and grandpa left him, so there was Galleons,sickles,and knuts happily jiggling in my pocket. We were changing when a snake came in!!!! I freaked out!!!! I was gaining on Hailey, and I don't know what made me did it, or how but I jumped up to my feet and yelled "STOP!!!!!!!!!!". It listened and looked at me and hissed "fine.". Hailey was looking from me to the snake. A few seconds later, The owner came bursting in. "Sorry!!!" he said as the snake came slithering into its cage. Once the owner shut the compartment door, Hailey yelped "your a parselmouth!!!!!". "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I HATE SNAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!" I wailed. " well, its kinda obvious,your dad is one.". "I bet you one gallon that he knew.""ok!". When we made to the castle, it was prettier than the moving pictures. "wow" I said simply." woah" said Hailey, as the Giant octopus yanked the bent flashlight. When the sorting began, I saw people eyeballing me, Just like I said people did!!! SOOOOOOOOO annoying!!!!! "Amanda Potter" Called professor McGonagall. Uh oh I thought. She put the hat on me and a voice in my head said Aha!!! Another Potter. Youngest of them all. I see many PRANKS!!! Wanting revenge on your older brothers, no? Not slytherin, not slytherin!!! Not slytherin eh? Just like your father. well, where behind schedule here so I guess GRYFFINDOR!!!!!!!!! A burst of cheer greeted this. I went to my brother and Sister. Then... Hailey. The second the hat made contact with her hair, it yelled HUFFLEPUFF!!!!!!!!!! Cheers burst through the air. Another difference with her family. Oh, ya!!! I forgot to tell you about Heaven!!! So around the middle of the year before I came here, Albus was missing. I was drawing a welcome back poster when... POOF! The house dissapered. POOF! Mum dissapered. POOF! Dad dissapered. One last POOF! I dissapered. When I woke up, I was naked. I wanted some nice, clean, comftey clothes and my glasses. When I open my eyes, clothes and my glasses where floating midair. Once I yanked them on, I start walking. And what I find is many people. I find many historical people. I even found THE Godric Gryffindor!!!! I was soooooooo honored. He asked me my house, and He was super sad when I told him that I am supposed to go to hogwarts next year. I nearly fainted when he told me this was heaven. Then I thought that that was obious since he had died thousand of years ago. So I set of untill I found dad with grandpa. They where so similar, I had to look at there foreheads to tell them apart. Then I found him.........well who else, Albus! I made the welcome back poster apear midair and then set it in.....FIAMES . Then I started to slap him in the face until dad and mum(who was talking to the captin of the holyheadharpers) pulled me away. Then, I met him, THE ALBUS DUMBLEDORE!!!!!!!! I felt that he was X-raying me when he peered over me in his half-moon spectales. We talked untill we reapeard on the ground of our house. When my dad had to go back in time, I stayed behind with Lily, and we destroyed the house from the inside. Lily used Reparo once we saw the shadows of our family saying good-bye to the Malfoys. *sigh*, welp! Thats all the time I got! Be sure to commet at the end of my backstory! Follow me pls! Bye!!!!!

<details><summary>⤷All about me⤶</summary>

Full Name: Amanda Hailey Potter

Blood Status:Pure-blood

Magical Abilities: parselmouth

Patronus: Baby Stag:)

Personality: Fierce, nice, gentle, brave, intelligent</details>

Birthday:March 22nd



❝Mischief Managed.❠

--Multiple sources


<summary>⤷PLS READ!!!⤶</summary>
People, I’m sorry but I don’t think anyone can post on my wall anymore. The problem is that when you press “post”, it’ll say “404 page not found”. Buuuuuuuuuuuuut you can send me an owl!!!!!! P.S: don’t get into the fight between Ron and Hermione apparently Ron was stupid enough to spill milk on Hermione so don’t say I did didn’t warn you


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