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16. I like herbology a lot :)

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Name: Grayson Truewood Pronouns: He/Him Sexuality: Bi House: Ravenclaw Star Sign: Leo sun, Capricorn moon. MBTI: INTP Type: Muggle born, adopted by a family of wizards. Born in: Sligo, Ireland. Wand: Black walnut wood with a unicorn hair core, 13 ¼" and unyielding flexibility Author note: Please keep in mind that there are many similarities between the writer and the character, but we are not the same person!</details><details>
Grayson loves to draw, (though he isn't very good) his real talent lies with singing. He would rather be a talented artist but is proud of his vocal abilities. He loves plants and keeps a small potted bonsai juniper plant in the common room. Grayson has taken an interest in Divination and is an amateur tarot card reader.</details><details>
<summary>THE TRUEWOODS</summary>
coming soon</details><details>
Grayson is muggle born, his birth last name being "Feldman." He had a decent life, his family was very strict and Catholic. While he respects their views, they were not his own. When he received his Hogwarts letter his parents were outraged. His mother was aware of a "taint" in her bloodline and demanded he not attend. Grayson made up his own mind and chose to attend Hogwarts regardless. This resulted in his parents no longer calling him their son. Thankfully, at Hogwarts a lovely magical family known as the Truewoods took him in. He has two adopted sisters, Sada Truewood and Dacia Truewood. While he was much happier with this new family, things were not always the easiest as they has strict rules themselves. The name "Truewood" holds to the families values, if you are ever caught in a lie as a Truewood the punishments are severe. Honestly is valued above all. Given this new opportunity at life, Grayson works very hard. He hopes to make it as a PA at some point, but in the meantime he is studying and working on keeping Outstanding grades.</details>
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