Wren Fletcher


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Sofia by: Clario

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Age: 17

Birthday: April 18 (Aries)

Sexuality: Straight

Siblings: Leo Fletcher (5)

Parents: Rory Fletcher (mother)

Likes: vintage music, flowers, cheeseburgers, hanging with her best friends Noah and Aidan

Dislikes: People who bully others, school, classical music, conflict/confrontation

Personality: Wren is very cold and shy when you first meet her. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you, Wren has a hard time opening up others and letting people in. Once she gets to know you and you are one of her people she is extremely loyal and would take a bullet for you. She gets defensive easily, especially if she is in conflict with someone. She easily cry’s when something happens to her or someone she cares about. She is a hopeless romantic and sometimes mistakes others kindness as a romantic gesture

Appearance: Wren (5’2) has brown hair with highlights of golden blonde and is always in loose curls. She has bright green eyes and small light freckles covering the middle of her nose and cheeks.


Copycat by: Billie Eilish

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Age: 18

Birthday: November 20 (Scorpio)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Parents: Mary Sutton, Braxton Sutton

Likes: Dark arts, reading, fashion, conflict

Dislikes: people, social situations, dogs

Personality: Toby had a traumatic childhood growing up, making him introverted and cold. He doesn't get a long with others and enjoys drama and conflict between his peers. He is condescending and manipulative. Toby enjoys messing with other peoples lives out of pure boredom.

Appearance: Toby is average height (5'7) brown hair, green eyes. He has a masculine figure as well as masculine facial features. You will never see Toby without a cigarette in his hand.
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