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Alyssa Stone-Nott        
→pure blood- witch
→orphan →slytherin →chaser

→wand- 18'' elm wood with a phoenix feather core
→Alyssa Mae Rose Stone
→foster parents- The Notts (live by myself though) 

→Loren gray (fc)
→11th may
→a small cottage in the countryside (A farm) in Warwickshire
→quite, head above the clouds, early bird
→bisexual (male lean)
→single (forever)
→Lissa (Amalia Riddle only)
→Issa (Amalia Riddle only)
→Rosy Mae (Amalia Riddle only)
→Allie (Selena and Alexa Heart Catchers only)
→Al (Lucy Ann Lovegood only)
→Aly (Lucy Ann Lovegood only)
→Aleroo (Lucy Ann Lovegood only)
→Lysa (Astoria Malfoy only)
→Lee (Astoria Malfoy only)
→Issy (Suzy Potter only)
→Alyster (Suzy Potter only
→Alice (Selena Rivera only)
⎡Pls give me more <33⎤

okay so now I'm gonna let you know why I have a foster family: I was born to Molly and Arthur Weasley, I grew I'm the womb with Ronald and was born 2 months and 10 days after him. I looked nothing like the other weasleys with my blonde hair, so Arthur thought Molly had an affair (which she didn't because Ronald turned out ginger) so when I was in the hospital Molly and Arthur left me there, so the hospital took me to a fostering agency (for witches and wizards) and I was later fostered by the Notts. When I turned 16 I had to leave the Notts' and find my own house then I changed my last name to Stone-Nott as it was still weasley (the notts contacted hogwarts telling them to call me Alyssa nott instead of Weasley as Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, Ron and Ginny don't know) 

credit to White Shares Mae (divines) for the codes for the backstory 
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