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Name: shrihari m Vasisht

Pronoun: he/him

Blood status: pure blood

Family: black and malfoy

( first year Student) the day i received my Hogwarts letter was my epic full day and it's was something like My parents who were going to work at the ministry of magic, woke me up (they used to go for work before i wake up) they made me sit and said 'boy we have a news for you' , i was shocked that , my parents got to know that i used a ' eat slugs' spell on my elder sister and they were angry in me , Yes i used to take my parents wand without them noticing and used to cast some spells( luckily no one got to know about that) they said that, i was accepted at Hogwarts, I was totally excited and was jumping on my bed , but my dad and my mom wanted to send me to illvermorny As my sister will go to U.S.A as she got a job in magical congress of the United States of America... . But before my sister got job in u.s.a my parents wanted to send me to Mahoutokoro a Japanese wizarding school in Japan which is near India Yes i do live in India And my parents work in Indian ministry of magic But we had to go to London, luckily my grandmother lives in London , she was teaching potion in Hogwarts , yes she was a potion master , she is one of the know potion master of the wizarding world , Now she has a shop in diagon alley , she sells potion (obviously) so now me and my parents are going to London leaving my sister alone in U.S.A , I am sad to live without my sister but I am also excited to make new friends and explore the wizarding world at hogwarts I said you that my grandmother was a potion master , so by genes my mother was also interested in potions and wanted to become a potion master , but she was not interested in studies but to risk her life for others and was too brave , i hope you have gussed which house she would be in 'gryffindor' and my father was a slytherin, my sister is ravenclaw, and i am a slytherin like my father, almost all people from my father's side are slytherin, and my mother,s side are mixture of slytherin and gryffindor like my grandmother (potions master) was a slytherin and my mother is a gryffindor Like that my family has a mysterious , interesting and sometimes boring history, But i only remember that my father's father (my grand dad) was a head master of Hogwarts , and my mother's grandfather (my great grandfather) was also the Head master of Hogwarts, Ya my family have a lot of history and one day i may even write a book about it. But for now i am excited to make new friends at hogwarts and by genes, i am going to buy a lots of potion ingredients and may even finish my first year potions course before my term begins, i am looking forward to my potion classes.

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