~The Crazies~

You can be Alice I’ll be the Mad Hatter

“I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. I’ll tell you a secret, all the best people are.” ~Alice

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"Trippin' out, spinnin' around."
-Nickname;Lyn (Everyone call me this. I hate being called Ashlyn)-
"I'm underground, I fell down, yeah I fell down."
-Bisexual;Taken by Alexander <3-
"I'm freaking out, so where am I now?"
-14 years old;October 18-
"Upside down and I can't stop it now, it can't stop me now."
~Born in Maine;Living in Colorado~
"I'll get by."
~Family;Mom;Dad;Braxton (Deceased)~

"I'll survive."
"When the world's crashing down."

"When I fall and hit the ground."
~Pets;Maya (Chocolate Lab);Rose (Ginger Cat)~

"I will turn myself around."

"Don't you try to stop me, I won't cry."
~Face Claim;Maddie Hasson~
"I'll play the game, but I can't stay."


"One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small."
"And the ones that mother give you don't do anything at all."
"Go ask Alice when she's ten feet tall."
!19 years old;December 7th!
"And if you're chasing rabbits."
!Born in Washington;Living in Colorado!
"And you know you're going to fall."
"Tell 'em a hookah smoking caterpillar has given you the call."
!Occupation;Clothes Designer!
"Call Alice."
"When she was just small."
"When the men on the chessboard."
"Get up and tell you where to go."
!Face Claim;Florence Pugh!
"And you've just had some kind of mushroom."


"Welcome to the tea party."
"Want to be my VIP?"
^Bisexual;Married to my King (Aka Jacob)^
"Didn't RSVP?"
^18 years old;January 8th^
"That's okay."
^Born in France;Living in Colorado^
"When I'm all steamed up."
^Family;Mom (Deceased);Dad;Jackson;Rene (Deceased)^
"Hear me shout."
^Occupation;Stay At Home Mom^
"Tip me over and pour me out."
^Friends;Jacob;Blaire;Trisha;Paige (R.I.P.)^
"Your appetite is flex."
^Pets;Cara (German Sheperd)^
"I got the table set."
^Kids;Rene Opal Weston^
"Don't get your dribble on my table yet."
^Face Claim;Jenna Coleman^
"I got the goodies baked."


"The Walrus and the Carpenter."
"Or, the story of the curious oysters."
@Bisexual;Single :,)@
"The sun was shining on the sea."
@14 years old;June 1st@
"Shining with all its might."
@Born in Colorado;Living in Colorado@
"He did his very best to make."
"The billows smooth and bright."
"And this was odd because it was."
@Friends;Lyn;Phia;Rene (R.I.P.)@
"The middle of the night."
@Pets;Mr.Rabbit (White Rabbit)@
"The Walrus and the Carpenter."
"Were walking close at hand."
@Face Claim;Lily James@
"The beach was wide."


"If I had a world of my own."
"Everything would be nonsense."
"Nothing would be as it seems."
$17 years old;September 26th$
"Because everything would be what it isn't."
$Born in Colorado;Living in Colorado$
"I invite you to a world where there is no such thing as time."
$Family;Mom;Dad (Deceased);Amelia;Caleb$
"And every creature lends themself to change your state of mind."
$Friends;Iza (R.I.P.)$
"And the girl that chased the rabbit, drank the wine, and took the pill."
$Pets;Tris (Black Lab)$
"Has locked herself in limbo to see how it truly feels."
"To stand outside your virtue."
$Face Claim;Naomi Scott$
"No one can ever hurt you


"Hey Alice, wheres your wonderland?"
"Now that you're back on earth."
"How does it look, now that you've left it behind?"
&20 years old;April 16th&
"And crossed the stepping stones."
&Born in Berlin;Living in Colorado&
"Hey Alice, is it greener here?"
"Or does it seem like dirt?"
&Friends;Iza (R.I.P.);Tyler;Quinn&
"Does it feel the same? Can you say that you..."
&Pets;Organ (Corgi);Hammy (Calico Cat)&
"...are happy to be home?"
"The rabbit seems to call your name."
&Face Claim;Sarah Jeffery&
"Youre late, so it's time to move."


"Flashing lights."
"And we took a wrong turn."
"And we fell down a rabbit hole."
#21 years old;March 4th#
"You held on tight to me."
#Born in South Carolina;Living in Colorado#
"'Cause nothing's as it seems."
"And spinning out of control."
#Friends;Iza (R.I.P.);Tyler;Xander;Addi#
"Didn't they tell us don't rush into things?"
#Pets;Maroon (Parakeet)#
"Didn't you flash your green eyes at me?"
"Haven't you heard what comes of curious minds?"
#Face Claim;Sabrina Carpenter#
"Ooh, didn't it all seem new and exciting?"


"Your waistcoats holds a pocket watch, I see dottons and teas to cross."
"You're doing all your best to insure success."
"I think success is not so tough."
#17 years old;November 8th#
"Go the same direction long enough."
♡Born in Maryland;Living in Illionis
"And, yes, sometimes I might feel slow, but you'll get where you want to go."
"But I first think you should know."
"We're all mad here."
"And same from time to play, and good conversation."
"It's not bad here."
♡Face Claim;Jeniffer Lawrence
"You'd be surprised to find what turns out to be salvation."


"I'm not gonna go down the rabbit hole."
"With you, with you, with you again."
☆Poly;Max 2;Bisexual;Taken by Olivya☆
"Bad habits will be broken."
☆19 years old;October 5th☆
"Boy, I have kicked a few."
☆Born in Georgia;Living in Colorado☆
"And seven days off the dope."
☆Family;Mom;Dad;6 Brothers; 2 Sisters☆
"And I'll be as good as new."
"I'm not gonna go down the rabbit hole."
☆Pets;Jamey (Pitbull Puppy)☆
"With you, with you, with you again."
"It was a sexual kind of connection."
☆Face Claim;Madison Bailey☆
"With spiritual undertones."


"My friends don't walk, they run."
"Skinny dip in rabbit holes for fun."
Poly;Max 3;Straight;Single
"Popping, popping balloons with guns, getting high off of hellium."
20 years old;August 21st
"We paint white roses red."
Born in Sydney;Living in Colorado
"Each shade from a different person's head."
"This dream, dream is a killer."
"Getting drunk with the blue caterpillar."
"I'm peeling the skin off my face."
"'Cause I really hate being safe."
Face Claim;Lexi Rivera
"The normals, they make me afraid."


"Can you hear over the buzz of flies?"
"Between the pillows and blue skies."
Bisexual;Poly;Max 2;Single
"That beg into your eyes."
♬19 years old;December 6th. ♬
"Through the looking glass."
Born in Brazil;Living in Colorado
"In between your thighs."

"A talking cat's no surprise."
"As we go down the rabbit hole."
"There we go."
Kids;Estella Rose Pollis
"I've been meaning to tell you."
Face Claim;Shailene Woodley
"A sentimental thing that occurred to me."


"I grew up seeing things a little differently."
"Appearing, disappearing, hardly innocent, nor tied to the ground."
{Straight;Married to my Queen (Jenny)}
"I learned to roll and tumble with the punches."
{18 years old;Febuary 1st}
"Glory in my stripes and spots."
{Born in Nevada;Living in Colorado}
"Walk by invisible and never make a sound."
"But heavy is the crown that's always hidden."
"Tender is the heart you never see."
"Hard and fast shines the grins we flash."
{Kids;Rene Opal Weston}
"But there's a vulnerable stripe or two in me."
{Face Claim;Matthew Dadarrio}
"Maybe any place outside of Wonderland is not for me, my friend."


"I am talking in my sleep."
"Hiding inside my dream."
"Fighting inside my head."
❝19 years old;October 31st
"Scaring myself to death."
Born in Flordia;Living in Colorado
"We live in a wonderland."
"Like blood isn't on our hands."
"When will it be enough?"
"When will I say I knew we had to get away?"
"Knew we had to get away."
Face Claim;Tyler Young
"From the storm


"Talk about the weather, will you miss me ever?"
"Lately I'm obsessed."
"And I need the rest."
↻17 years old;September 26th
"I hope that you're impressed."
Born in Colorado;Living in Colorado
"She's so pretty, I'm jealous."
"And she's lost like Alice."
"In a painted past."
Pets;Sirius (Black Lab)
"In a looking glass."
"I see me looking back."
Face Claim;Ross Lynch
"I'll take another "Drink Me", baby."


"Alice pressed against the wall."
"So she can see the door."
"In case the laughing strangers crawl and crush the petals on the floor."
ϟ20 years old;None of your buisnessϟ
"Alice in her party dress."
ϟBorn in Colorado;Living in Coloradoϟ
"She thanks you kindly."
"So serene."
ϟFriends;Paige (RIP)ϟ
"She needs you like she needs her tranqs."
"To tell her that the world is clean."
"To promise her a definition."
ϟFace Claim;Zac Effronϟ
"Tell her where the rain will fall."


"Well I heard she flew down to the mountain city."
"He said that's not what I heard I hear she went higher."
Bisexual;Engaged to Helli
"She depended on her friends to tell her when to stop it."
21 years old;A Day
"To make a statement this is me talking to you."
Born in Colorado;Living in Colorado
"Like Alice through the Looking Glass."
Family;Mom;Dad;Hadley (Deceased)
"She used to know who she was."
Friends;A lot of people
"Call out my name call out my name."
"'But I get no answers she prays."
Kids;Emer (Deceased);Colette;Maxi
"Better run for your life cried the Mad Hatter."
Face Claim;Thoams Doherty

"Alright said Alice I'm going back."
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