Aurora Black


Quiet | Intelligent | In Relationship with Draco Malfoy | Introvert | Known to be on the myterious side | Slytherin | Death Eater |

  • Joined October 2020
  • Member of Slytherin
  • 6 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


<summary>General Information<TITLE</b></summary>
Name: Aurora Ellery Vervain
Stage: First Year
Ropeplaying Year: Third Year
Blood Status: Pure Blood
House: Slytherin
Hybrid House: Slytherdor
Wand: Elder Wood, 15", (Elder Wand)
Pet: Abazora, Black Scops Owl, Female
Patronus: Pheonix
Quidditch Position: Slytherin Team Captain, Seeker
Boggart: Dementor
Amortentia: quidditch equipment, treacle tarts, wood, and vanilla, He would smell vanilla,flowers,green apples,parchment and maybe lots of books (Draco)
Birthday/Horoscope: October 25/Scorpio
Aurora is short (5'0), Skinny, Long blonde straight hair, green blue eyes. Wears hair down or in messy bun, wears slytherin attire, most likely robe. Poise is calm and mysterious, usually alone.
Aurora was born to both magical parents, making her a pureblood. Her parents both died when she was a young age, leaving her responsible for herself because of the lack of family. She was not surprised when one day her Hogwarts letter arrived, knowing who and what her parents were. She was found by Haggrid and taken to Diagon Alley to collect her supplies for her first year, also getting an elder wand (Which surprised Haggrid) and a black scops owl, Abazora, then she set off to Hogwarts. Hopping onto the Hogwarts Express, Draco Malfoy invited her to sit with him and his gang and she reluctantly agreed. She sat quiet, only nodding yes or no when he would ask her a question. When she arrived at Hogwarts and it was time to sort, she stood by Draco the entire time until her name was called. Going up to be chosen, the sorting hat did not even touch her head and exlaimed she would be put in Slytherin. Draco showed a big smile on his face, taking a liking to the girl. Aurora is very intelligent, except never went to muggle school. She would do online muggle school and she was very good at it. Not really loving learning she did skip a couple grades because of her intelligence. Draco and Aurora stood in the back while the rest of the students tried to figure out the password. Aurora is currently interested in DID and Charms, her least favorite being astronomy. Taking from her mother and father, Aurora remains quite silent but deep down is ready to learn everything their is to magic.
Monday- ASTR-101
Tuesday- CHRM-101
Wednesday- DADA-101
Thursday- HERB-101
Friday- HOM-101
Saturday- PTNS-101
Sunday- TNFG-101
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