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Hi! I'm Jay and I use fey/feyr, he/him, and they/them pronouns! BLM, pro choice, all that jazz

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Hey! Thanks for looking at my profile, it's always appreciated! Look below for my ocs to rp with and feel free to post on my wall whenever! 

RP rules:

-Ask me about the 'level' of our rp before we start. If you don't, I will (Mature, PG13, etc, I am flexible)

-Cursing is totally fine with me so let me know if it is not with you

-Please respond in full sentences, using quotation marks (eg "Hello, my name is Jay")

-no asterisks (*) for actions, they don't work well for me when I read your response

-FULL SENTENCES. Please use full sentences and actually respond with something I can play off of. If you say *your character name* walked down the street for a starter, *your character name* drove the car, etc, I will either let you know or if you do it repetitively I will most likely just stop answering

-Longer responses would be nice. The length and level of detail in my responses will most likely have to do with yours so if you want an interesting rp please just respond with something that will work. Hell, it doesn't have to be five lines, a one-liner works as long as I can give a good response to it

-I prefer 3rd person rps but if you ask I'm flexible

I love to do fantasy and/or romance rps but I am flexible. I will try to respond as soon as I can but I am not great at it, warning in advance Lastly, I try to be as cheerful and into it in owls/messages but if you're really bland and seem like you're not interested I will match your tone/length of reply after a little bit. here are my characters:

Name: Danny

Age: depends on rp

Gender/sexuality: Non-binary, trixic (Includes enby pals)

appearance: semi-short brown hair, shaved underneath, usually pulled into a bun. Tan, carries a long sword and/or a bow and arrow and daggers, wears joggers and a jersey or t-shirt for casual clothes, small lion face on small of back, 6'4"

Powers of Attorney: fluid manipulation (Water, air, oil, etc)

family: Doesn't know who they were, both parents deceased, no siblings

other things: Male lion (this is gonna sound weird but just go with it) with large black wings, will fight for either side depending on who pays them or which sides give them the most benefits

if harry potter rp: Captain of Hufflepuff Quidditch team (Hufflepuff), Beater, Patronus: terrier Animagus: great dane

Basic appearance:



Second character:

Name: Fay Meadows

Age: depends on rp

Gender/Sexuality: Female/bisexual (or lesbian it honestly depends on the rp)

Personality: Kind and caring, however, she is very fierce when angry and when she is fighting, she is very strong.

Appearance: Shoulder-length red hair, hazel eyes, tan-ish complexion. Wears a forest green shirt, a brown hooded cloak, and light blue jeans/pants. Carries an axe on her back, a boomerang on her waist, and has an assortment of daggers in her belt, life-sized falcon wings tattooed on upper back and part of upper arms, 6'5"

Powers of Attorney: Invisibility and darkness manipulation, can create wings of shadow

Family (if any): Two living parents and a little sister.

History: Her parents were not accepting of her sexuality or choices in life, so she left them behind when she was super young. She sees her sister occasionally but never her parents.

Other things: Has a pet falcon with dark markings like shadow: Essix, will fight for/side with either side

If harry potter rp: Griffyindor, Captain of Gryffindor Quidditch team-Chaser, Patronus: Fennic fox, animagus: Red Fox 

Basic Appearance:


Third character:

Name: Aiden

Age: depends on rp

Gender/sexuality: demi-girl(she/they)/lesbian

personality: Confident, extrovert, and out there

appearance: double swords in sheaths on back, daggers, cropped almost-white hair, amber eyes, lighting bolt down their arm (got when their house burned down), 6' 4", if modern rp the weapons will be different

occupation: Assassin (sometimes the Guild successor, depends), Assassin name: Elektra

powers of attorney: Electricity manipulation, can shift into a falcon (can also "half-shift" so they just have wings it just takes more concentration)

family: Died in a freak accident

History: When Aiden was a toddler a freak lightning storm burned down their house giving them their electricity magic

Other: nothing right now but I may add something

If Harry Potter: Ravenclaw, seeker, animagus: cougar transfer from Ilvermorny

Basic appearance:


Fourth oc:

Name: Azriel Rhys

nicknames: Az (friends or pretty much anyone) Azzy (father and mother)

Age: depends on rp though technically immortal (can be killed obviously just will live forever if they're not) Gender/sexuality: Genderfluid, queer Species: Illyrian-Fair folk mix

personality: TBD

appearance: long hair with an undercut.  Usually pulls back into a ponytail. Sometimes black, shadowy wings. Two, double-blade swords and daggers. Tattoo swirls covering a large portion of their chest and creeping up their neck, pointed ears, 6'8"

Powers of attorney: Main power is shielding and concentrated blasts of powers, channeled through siphons on their armor (conditional). Darkness manipulation/shadow stepping, shapeshifting (basic feature changing+wing appearing/disappearing).

Family: Child of Feyre and Rhysand (King and Queen of the night court) but never talks about it 

Weakness: Ashwood. Kills fae much faster

If Harry Potter: Gryffindor with a little bit of Hufflepuff attitude, chaser and captain, In the process of becoming an animagus

link for basic appearance:


Name: Everest Valorian Nicknames: whatever you want

Age: depends on rp

pronouns/sexuality: He/him bisexual

species: normally human but can depend on what world the rp is set in

personality: TBD

Appearance: Deeply tanned skin, blonde short hair that's shaved on the sides, bright green eyes,

weapons: Ice manipulations, https://i.pinimg.com/564x/86/c7/05/86c705d0483a78681c8c8fe99daeafca.jpg (tattoo), dark blue, hooded cloak(if that time frame) or whatever's comfortable (has a horrid sense of style as do I)

powers of attorney: Ice manipulation, shifts into a wolf hence the tattoo

Family: Lost family at a young age. Doesn't know if they're alive or not

Other: Nothing yet

If Hp rp: Gryffindor keeper and captain, animagus: wolf, Patronus: tiger, a close friend to Harry Potter??? 

link for basic appearance:


I can also alter these characters for different rps like if they're not fantasy etc. Just owl me or comment on my wall and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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