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Hey I'm George. Totally down to rp, just send me an owl. Idk why it says I'm a slytherin ew

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<font color=purple> <font face="antrophobia font">Name's George Weasley, I have five brothers and a little sister. I know that's a lot. Most know my (twin) brother Fred and I for our *cough* legendary *cough* pranks and treats. My best friends are my brother Fred Weasley, Lee Jordan, Angelina Johnson, and Katie Bell. I'm only going to school so I can graduate and start a joke shop with my brother. Maybe one day we'll be as big as Zonko's. Anyway, I'm a Gryffindor beater. My best class is Potions, and my worst class is Muggle Studies. You can usually find me in the Gryffindor common room, Great Hall, Quidditch Pitch, or any common room party.


Name: George Weasley
Hair Color: Ginger
Eye Color: Golden Brown *wink*
Height: 6'3
Year: depends on role play
House: Gryffindor (I messed up making my account)
Amortentia: Coconut taffy, strawberries, smoke, and broom wax
Favorite Snack: Muggle Sour Candy


1. I always stick to canon material
2. Please warn me before including serious topics
3. Do not control my character
4. Purely a RP account and in no way related to JKR
5. I only act as George Weasley, even out on role plays.
6. My page and rp's are LGBTQ+ friendly
7. I might not always answer right away, I have quidditch and studies.
8. 2+ sentences please to keep the conversation interesting.

Also: Check out my friend's depop @ itzelaina
^^She makes custom HP characters+y/n stickers, print outs, and more^^

^^ my quidditch sweater (that you should steal) ^^

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