Tasha Syvenky


  • Joined October 2020
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  • 1st Year
  • Canada


In my first year, I got immediately sorted into Slytherin as I'm a very ambitious person who will fight for anything. I'm never willing to back down from a challenge, and I'm very competitive. I'm most interested in Defense Against the Dark Arts and Potions because I like being able to defend myself and mess around with my friends as well as make potions. Muggle Studies and History of Magic are the most boring classes for me because I could never stay awake. I'm a pureblood and proud to be. My family has a very distinct reputation which has caused me some serious issues. I've tried my hardest to follow in their legacy but at the same time, finding myself. The Dark Lord was a very powerful man. He had a very firm grasp of my family and family friends. He was determined and always got what he wanted. Whenever he walked into a room, he had immediate control and command of it. My greatest strength is fighting. I'm very skilled in logical debates as well as straight-up defending myself and others. My greatest weakness is my soft spots. I will do anything if it means my family and friends are safe. This posed a great threat during the Battle At Hogwarts. In the future, I wouldn't mind being minister for magic, or maybe even a Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. To me, the most fascinating thing about magic is how easy it makes life. It is difficult to learn and get control of my abilities but once I have, it makes things so much easier. I'm willing to use magic for my benefit and for others. Depends on what I get out of it. I really want recognition and appreciation. I'm always overshadowed by other people in my family and I'm tired of it.
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