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I've always been bright for my age, or atleast my father tells me that. I am a first year pureblood Ravenclaw and I am excited to finally learn about magic. My mother tragically passed away in what seems to be an "accident", but I suspect foul play. But of course, nobody believed me. Nobody ever believes me, everyone thinks I'm insane. My mother taught me so much before she passed away, and that's where I got my craziness from. Everyone always makes fun of my family, calling us a disgrace to the pureblood line. Can you guess who said that? Bloody Slytherins. It's not that I hate all of them, but they always throw food at me in the Great Hall. Anyways, I'm very excited to start my journey at Hogwarts. I guess people think I'm meek and submissive, but I'm actually the opposite. My father always tells me he is surprised I wasn't sorted into Gryffindor, and I honestly agree with him.

Wand length: 10" long
Wand flexibility: Surprisingly swishy
Wand Wood: Vine
Wand core: Phoenix feather
Patronus- White swan
Pet- White cat named Athena, Thea for short
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