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Hi I'm Leilani, you can called me Leile. I'm a Slytherin, maybe it's because I'm cunning and care for my friends, or maybe because I can be borderline evil and always wants to prove myself. I guess we'll never know. I live in a small town with my parents. I have a pet phoenix named Blue but don't let her name fool you, she's pretty mean if I'm being honest but mostly.. harmless? I didn't have many friends growing up.. or none at all. One friend. I had one friend growing up. A hufflepuff, Rosavelt Witchford. We do almost everything together. She's probably the reason I'm not in trouble all the time, despite me being a quiet kid. I'm a chill person, I wouldn't say nice but I'm chill. I still wouldn't push it though, I can get pretty... evil so to speak.

One morning I woke up, dragging myself out out bed like always and walked downstairs to greet my parents. "Morning mommy. Where's dad?" "He went to go check the mail.. hey are you feeling ok?" my mom asks concerned. "Oh yeah just feel off today, like I woke up..wrong that's all. I'm gonna go see Rosa after breakfast." I say giving her a kiss and walking into the kitchen. "that's fine. No magic Lele!" "Yeah yeah! Got it mom!" As I open the pantry to grab some cereal my dad walks through the door. "Ah your awake! You have mail kid." he says, kissing my forehead and handing me a weird looking envelope. I open the letter confused then gasp when I realize where its from. " I'M GOING TO HOGWARTS!" I say excitedly hugging my parents. "Honey that's amazing! When do you leave?" "Next week! I'm gonna go pack!" I say walking away excitedly. "Uh, Tass?" My mom calls out to me. "yeah!" "What about Rosa?" she ask laughing "Oh right! Uh, I'll be back later!!" I say running out very happy with the letter in my hand.

Text me! I'm open to friends... I mean either that or people to blackmail. I'm kidding haha.. sorta.
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