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When I received my letter to Hogwarts my parents weren't surprised, see my 2 brothers had gone to Hogwarts before me and were very popular and were even house Prefects! So my parents expected it. I'm a pureblood because my family is really into that stuff and keeping it real and whatnot but I don't understand it entirely yet, shouldn't you marry whoever you want? We made our way to Diagon Alley and bought my supplies (being the youngest in the family anddd the only girl does have its perks.) My family has always been a well known rich family, my dad is an Auror and my mom works at the Ministry of Magic. Anyway, when we got to Diagon alley I went to get my robe fitted and happened to be standing right next to a boy with red hair who looked like a Weasly relative. my family had never really talked to them much even though my oldest brother (Marcus) was in a bunch of classes with Bill Weasley. I got all my supplies and we left. Oh, I forgot, before we left we visited the quidditch shop. Having 2 older brothers I definitely learned how to hold my own. Anyway, we went into the shop and I fell in love with the sport instantly and started reading up on anything I could find on the sport. The first day came up fast and I had been spending the majority of the rest of my summer reading about transfiguration (I've always been interested in that subject). We got to the train station and through the wall to the actual train. I ended up sitting with a girl named sky and we became fast friends and ended up talking about what the first day would bring. Can't wait for the year to start! Bring it on Hogwarts!!
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