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Hi!! I will be friends with anybody as long as you remain kind! If you want to RP, look at my RP rules in my backstory. Must follow these rules!

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RP Rules
1. I am not going to carry the story. If I feel like I am the only one putting thought into the story, I will stop responding. For example: If I sent you a couple of sentences, then please don't respond with, "he smiled". This makes it no fun for me.
2. I will discontinue the story if you don't respond for one week without warning. If you let me know that you're not going to be on, I won't do anything and you will keep your spot.
3. I put a lot of thought and time into my stories, so please make this enjoyable for me too!
4. I will not do anymore than 3 RP at a time. I don't have crazy amounts of time. If you want to RP and my quota is filled, I will put you on a list and when I either finish a story or they stop responding I will start with you in the order that I get your response.
5. I am not a fan of extreme violence or super vulgar scenes. You may attempt to do that, but please take into account that I will not put much into those scenes.

Right now I have 2 RP spot(s) left. Thank you for your understanding and patience! I can’t wait to rp with you!

Full Name: Lark Mays Black
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Father: Sirius Black
Mother: Marlene McKinnon
Hair: Long, full, wavy dark brown hair with lighter colored streaks scattered throughout.
Eyes: Dark Brown eyes that seem to pull you into their depths
Build: Slender and strong
Friends: Hermione Granger, Emilly Myers, Ash Snowflake, waiting to add more!!
Enemies: None, yet! People who are mean to me will be added here
Boyfriend: None, yet! Waiting to find the perfect HIH user!

Before Hogwarts: Lark was the secret child of Sirius Black and Marlene McKinnon. Sirius had been hiding Marlene in his house after he had escaped Azkaban. In Harry Potter's fifth year, Sirius had just gotten word that Harry was looking for him in the Department of Mysteries, and raced upstairs to find Marlene holding a muggle pregnancy test. (Her wand had been lost when her family had been attacked long ago, and she had never gotten a new wand). She was pregnant! Sirius was ecstatic. He had hardly gotten to know his two other children because he had been in Azkaban, and now he was getting another chance. But Harry still needed saving, he left to help Harry, promising to return as soon as possible. But sadly, he was hit by Bellatrix's curse and fell into the curtain, but he said two words that no one in that room heard as he fell. However, hundreds of miles away, Marlene heard it in what seemed like a gust of wind before she fell to the ground, knowing that Sirius wasn't coming home. The words she had heard was "Lark Mays". he had told her long ago that he had always wanted to name his daughter that, so the words resonated with her and she hoped against hope that it wasn't a boy, just so she could name her child Lark. The child was born and surely enough, it was a girl. Marlene named her Lark Mays Black, and raised her secretly in the large house at Grimmuald Place. The girl didn't have many friends, her mother had been presumed dead long ago and they didn't have much communication from the outside world to tell them it was safe to leave. But one day, lark received a letter from Hogwarts and it also came with a note saying it was safe for them to come out. McGonagall had thought Marlene was dead as well, until they found some traces of magic from Lark's typical magical errors that come with no training. The small family moved out and Lark was sent to Hogwarts where she was placed in Hufflepuff. Lark was worried at first that her father would have been disappointed in her, but her mother assured her that Sirius would have been proud of her no matter what!

First Year: Quickly into the year, Lark started in on her schoolwork, not really worrying that much about the social aspects of school. Finally she started meeting some people and making friends and realized how much she had been missing. Her best friend quickly became a Slytherin student named Emilly Myers. She started bonding with girl called Ash Snowflake when they found a book they both liked in the library and spend hours debating about it.

More to come as Lark Mays navigates her Hogwarts experience!
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