Chelby Stark


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Name: Chelby Stark

Blood Status: Muggle-born

House: Slytherin

Patronus: Orca

Wand: Ash wood, Unicorn Hair core, 12 1/4 in., reasonably supple flexibility (similar to Cedric's wand)


    I grew up in a city called Sokovia (near Russia). One day, the city was attacked by an A.I. called Ultron, and there was a battle between him and the Avengers. The battle resulted in the entire city being destroyed and thousands of Sokovians being killed. I was alone, trapped in a building that was about to collapse, when I was rescued by none other than Tony Stark. By the time the dust was settled, the city was just rubble, and I was left with only a scar on my forehead as a reminder. Luckily, Tony saw that I had no one left, so he took me under his wing adopted me. I had been able to live a normal life with him and Pepper until things started happening. I saw that I was able to do weird things like move objects with my mind, or set things on fire by just looking at them. I could also talk to animals like snakes, which looked and sounded really weird from someone else's perspective. Everyone had always said that I was "special" and that I just had an active imagination. It wasn't until very recently that me being "special" was put to use. Finally, I received my letter from Hogwarts. I had to say goodbye to my father and the rest of the Avengers so I could move on to the next chapter of my life. Now, I find myself learning how to properly use my powers in the safety of the walls of Hogwarts.


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