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Welcome, foolish mortals, to my profile page. (mwahaha!)

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Hi, I'm Alice! You may know me from the SGE website as @foxwoodeagle. I enjoy reading, writing, and music. One of my favorite pastimes is seeing how many times a day my dad makes up a new word (I think his record is 10). Live long and prosper! (P.S All you Conan Gray fans out there are my comfort crowd.)

It said to make a character, and I’m a rule follower (most of the time), so here goes nothing! My character is the proud owner of Books and Broomsticks, a bookshop in Diagonal Alley. Every year her shop provides Hogwarts students with their textbooks and the best reading material for their pleasure. Although she is young, she is very passionate about her work. She strives to make sure that every witch and wizard has something to read.

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