Malachai Scamander

Galaxy Jumper

Hi my name is Malachai Scamander. I'm a universe hopper, and I'm 5'7, I'm the first in Gryffindor history to carry the dark mark wanna become friends?

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Born into a pure blood family, my name is Malachai but just call me Kai, yes I know the Purebloods are known for there Slytherin like attitudes towards the norm of muggle born and half bloods but I promise I don't follow norms. I'm not like regular Wizards, I'm not even like people. I accept and indulge in connecting with every type of person no matter there background or status. this has caused me to get into quite the trouble actually. I take my place for the meanwhile in the school of Hogwarts, I don't know how long I will be staying here, but the hat has sorted me into Gryffindor, where I shall stay while I do my research on your world. I am interested in the schools, herbology and potions. I am a traveler from a different galaxy, my job is to save you, in the most minimal way possible to were even your best wizards and witches wont see it. I've joined the dark arts and hold the dark mark itself. I might even be the first student in Gryffindor to carry the dark mark itself without the intentions of even doing bad, I am simply a traveler. I have stated and there for plan on connecting with the most people that I can . . . and find my stranded siblings who I have never met personally, but I have been told that most of them reside at this school, they have the last name Scamander and I will do everything in my power to find them and keep them safe from the bad that is coming. I enjoy quidditch, but I'm not all that good at the sport, could someone teach me maybe?

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