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Being born into a pure-blood family, Slytherin wasn't entirely a surprise, even if I was the first Slytherin in the known history of my family - everyone else being either Ravenclaws or Gryffindors. There was a slight hesitation before the Sorting Hat decided my fate as a Slytherin. My NEWTs were in Charms, DADA, Alchemy, Ancient Runes, and Potions - I received Es and Os in them (something which my parents weren't too sure I would, with my not being a Ravenclaw). I'm a pure-blood, in more ways than one, being pure-blood Brahmin as well. Due to the whole Lord-Voldy-rising-to-power thing happening around the time I should have received my letter, my acceptance into Hogwarts was deferred a year or two (I assumed to allow everything to sort itself out and catch up). Since I've just graduated, I am planning on joining the Aurors, but am taking a few years' break to give myself a chance to travel.
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