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Full Name: Persephone Ziva Malfoy. only close friends or family call me Ziva
Birthdate: September 3rd, 1972
Hometown: London, England.
Race: Pureblood Witch
Pets: I keep a Snake at home in the Malfoy Manor, but I have a Crow for school.

House: Slytherin
Most preferred classes: Potions, DADA, Charms and History of Magic. always looking for unfounded ways of doing things.
Preferred Career: Professor or Auror. Though I feel with my families known history I will become a Death Eater

Magical Capabilities
Wand Information: 11 1/2" Hawthorn, Dragon Heartstring core
Patronus: a Crow
Other capabilities: I would prefer not to say, not everyone would understand.

Back story:

The night of August 20th, 1979, to say it was dark and dreary that night would be an understatement. Then again living in the Lestrange manor every day was dreary. My mother had graced me with her presence that night, but for the life of me I couldn't understand why. Though that day will forever be burned in my mind, that was the day I found out I was Malfoy and not a Lestrange. Though thinking back on it now it made sense auntie Bella never did seem "motherly" plus the gifts always came from Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy. Through jokes and teases Bella would always say that the gifts were "mummy and dads way of acknowledging me". Bloody bonkers that one was and still is, though when mother came to the house and told me i would now be living with my family I wanted to ask "why now" but all questions were halted at my father entering the room. Two things were clear, he was angry and I was pretty sure he didn't want a daughter. Least that was till he pat my shoulder and told me we were going home.

I was not surprised to find out upon going home, home life was way more normal. Father was around when he was but predominantly I was with mother. Though soon little brother Draco came around and father was more involved with him. Mother said that was common in families like ours. Life was normal for a while, if you could call not knowing what my father really was or stood for. mother seemed oblivious to most of it so I didn't bother caring either. Draco and I both grew up over time and not much changed. Draco grew to be more like dad and I more like mom. However, not everything was should we say normal. Things became chaotic for my family and I, Bella was thrown into Azkaban for murder. Bonkers and maybe a bit abuse that one was but murder, mother and father told draco and me that we were going to play a game of hide and seek with the world. Draco and I were none the wiser we didn't know what was really going on.

Life eventually returned to normal, but a few weeks before my 12th birthday, a letter from Hogwarts from me telling me of my acceptance and that school started soon, flew threw my window. My parents were smug about it and I knew what it meant for me. See mother knows my secret, I DONT want to be a Malfoy, least not Dad's version. I want to put us on the map for something different entirely. I will change our reputation and clear our name for the better. the Malfoy name will no longer strike sickness into people hearts or leave bad tastes in their mouths, I will fix all that. My Mother doesn't understand "how I came to be like this?" but she' supportive long as I keep the pureblood linage alive and dont ruin who the Malfoys are then she's supportive however mother knows my worst secret. She caught me one day in the garden talking to a snake. She gasped and told me never to never use it in the open or tell dad about it. I always thought that to be weird but i didn't question it. Mother bought me a snake that she helped ,e hide in my room, but the day of the letter was my first day in the beginning of my wizard life and career.
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