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I was sorted into Gryffindor, I guess it is because of my determination and bravery, I'm very adventurous. The decision didn't take very long, it wasn't immediate but not too long, I think it was a good amount of time. My favourite classes are on charms and flying (while flying lasted.) I'm a half-blood. I've never faced Voldemort, I'm not scared of his powers or possessions, not even his name...yet. I feel my greatest strength is charms, I'm pretty good and can do spells above my age. My greatest weakness is probably holding back, ill stand up for anyone and everyone, even myself. When I finish school I'm excited to see what my life unfolds to be. What I feel is the most fascinating aspect of magic is that it can be used for good and bad, for the weak and the powerful, even the oldest and youngest. What I really want, if I'm being honest is to find out about my dad. I have a western screech owl and his name is Nyx. Nyx is the best owl you could wish for.
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