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Ravenclaw half-blood living near the ministry x

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My name is Alicia Gregorovitch. I am a half-blood witch with a muggle for a mother and a wizard for a father and a sister named Lavender. My father attended Ilvermony in the states and was a member of the Horned Serpent house. He achieved top marks in all of his grades and, after he left school, decided he didn’t want to stay in America anymore. He quickly searched the UK for job opportunities and flew over.

He applied for a job at Hogwarts, to teach DADA but did not get accepted, he thinks that McGonagall was looking for someone a bit more experienced at the time. It was just after the battle of Hogwarts and my father was only 18 at the time. So, he looked for further education and decided to attend the muggle university of Oxford when he got a place and there he studied Politics for 3 years.

Oxford University is the place where he met my mother. They got to know each other and he opened up to her about everything- all things magical. A year after uni ended, they got married and started to travel. They hopped from Wizarding community to Wizarding community, spreading my dad’s knowledge of modern Wizarding techniques in the more secluded areas. They also preached the idea of marrying muggles, showing how it can give you an insight into the two halves of the world.

After three years of travelling, they moved to Hogsmeade, in search of somewhere to settle down and have a child. My dad found a job at the ministry and used floo powder to get there (something which caused him a lot of strain over so far a distance). I was born in 2008 and lived in hogsmeade until very recently when my father got a promotion and took up his place as head of the department of foreign affairs. We are now living in London so that my dad’s commute to work is much less.

When I am older, I would like to do something similar to him, if I can get all the qualifications online. The reason I do online school is because I attend a muggle school- credit to my mother for that one. She says I should get the normal education that normal people get, however it’s no where near as fun as the online school I do.
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