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If i'm not online, i'm reading or laying on the ground in the rain. There is no in-between, i don't have a life<3

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Theadora Halloway

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About me irl:


⋘ 𝑙𝑜𝑎𝑑𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑑𝑎𝑡𝑎...⋙

Just kidding, i'm not telling you anything about me silly ^.^ 

I only tell cool people about myself <3

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L’amour est une passion qui ne se soumet à rien, et à qui au contraire, toutes choses se soumettent.

-Madeleine de Scudéry

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You can call me Thea, never Dora because dora the explorer makes me want to unsubscribe from life. Mkay? Mkay.

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She wouldn't understand that magic can be a metaphor. That magic doesn't have to be magic for it to mean something. That sometimes magic is a salve over a burn, and it's the only way you can heal.


-Victoria Lee

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Role plays:

I have a few starters, they're all for literate rps, but i can always write one for semi-lit (or lit) if needed. I also have a list of Oc's, but i can't be arsed to list them all, so we can discuss that while planning the rp. I'm up for pretty much any genre and plot, as long as it's not one of those ,forbidden rp' things because there is no way in hell i'm doing those. 

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Il est difficile de définir l’amour. Dans l’âme c’est une passion de régner, dans les esprits c’est une sympathie, et dans le corps ce n’est qu’une envie cachée et délicate de posséder ce que l’on aime après beaucoup de mystères.

-François de La Rochefoucauld

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Roleplay rules:

°Please discuss triggers with me before hand, i have a few of my own and i would hate to trigger you somehow

°Don't start an Rp with me if you don't plan on keeping up with it

°Don't try to control my Characters

°Don't God-mod or Mary sue, it's no fun

°Please try to put the same effort in as me and don't answer with really short replies or single sentences, i can't work with that and it's frankly a bit annoying

°Don't ghost me, if you want to stop the rp it's fine. Just tell me, i'll understand

°I'm fine with mature romance and/or mature themes, just please be the appropriate age for it otherwise i won't do it

°I prefer Literate rps but semi-lit is also okay, not my favourite but it's okay

°Have fun!:)

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Water is something you cannot hold. Like men. I have tried, Father, brother, lover, true friends, hungry ghosts and God, one by one all took themselves out of my hands.


-Anne Carson

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Feel free to post on my wall or shoot me an owl if you want to talk or Rp ^.^

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