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I am a Hufflepufff because I am loyal, nice, and trustworthy. The sorting hat made the decision immediate. The classes that I'm looking forward to are potions, charms, transfiguration, care of magical creatures, defense against the dark arts, and astronomy. The classes I'm not that interested in are flying, herbology, history of magic, and divination. I am a pureblood. My blood status has made more people respect me and makes me feel more privilege than a muggleborn or a half-blood. And I don't like being more privilege than them. My greatest strength is my bond with any animal. My greatest weakness is my fears of the unknown and what will happen in the future. I am looking forward to becoming a magizoologist after I finish school. I think the most fascinating aspect of magic is all of the different spells and potions there are. I want to use magic to help others first, then to help me. I have two ferrets and a screech owl. The ferrets are named Zero and Yoshi, sometimes they are sleep and other times they are wild, but they are very fun to have. My screech owl is named Flare, she is very kind and good at flying. She also brings all my letters and send all of my letters. My mom and dad died when I was five. During the attack I got my left eye hurt, leaving me to cover it with an eyepatch and not being able to see in that eye. I have an older brother named Ash and an older sister named Amber. I have a twin brother named Summer and he has a scar on his right eye. I have a younger brother named August and a younger sister named May. My older brother and sister are like my parents to me and my siblings. My brothers Ash and Summer are in Slytherin. My older sister Amber is in Ravenclaw. And we don't know what house May and August are in yet. We are all sets of twins: older-Ash and Amber, middle-Me and Summer, and youngest-August and May. I get along the best with my twin Summer. This is Ash and Amber is fifth year and mine and Summer is first year here, I am so happy to be here.

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