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Here we go, I’m not very good at backstories. Hi, I’m Astraea, Astraea Evans. I’m not anyone fancy, just a poor Muggle-born who knew nothing of magic until I was ten, and had been sent a letter from Hogwarts. Confused, my parents figured it was just some scam and tossed the letter. After receiving a few more, they notified the post office, who had no idea the letters existed. My father watched around, and soon noticed the another letter being delivered by an owl. If that wasn’t odd enough, the owl then perched itself on the top of our crooked and breaking fence, watching my father as he called for my mother, younger brother, and I to come and look. As soon as the letter was in my hands, the owl had hooted and flown off. My parents and I read the letter of acceptance, confused. That same night, I listened through the thin walls of my bedroom into the living room, where my parents discussed the idea of me going. Finally, my parents came into an agreement to let me go.

When I started at Hogwarts, I was shy, and let people push me around. Soon, I started getting tired of it, so I fought back. These actions lead to Draco Malfoy taking an interest in me. Pretty soon, I found myself infatuated with him. Soon enough, we were together, despite how toxic our relationship may seem at times. He helped me gain more confidence and keep it, knowing that with him at my side, no one would bother me.

My wand is Sycamore wood with a unicorn hair core, 11 ¼” long and surprisingly swishy when it comes to its flexibility. My patronus is a Bloodhound.

(I roleplay, Owl me if that’s something you want to do and I’ll send you my Roleplay Rules)
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