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Hi! I'm Moody's Best Ferret! If you're not sure what to call me, my nickname is Phoenix. I'm always up to make friends! Dont ask me RP though, please!

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Hi! I'm Moodys Best Ferret, but call me Phoenix!

I'm proud to be a part of the Keepers, a group dedicated to preserving Harry Potter's spirit on HiH and in real life! 

My Backstory

When I got my letter to Hogwarts, I thought it was another prank my brother was pulling. My brother is a wizard, and I was feeling extra jealous that day. My mother always loved him more than me, as he always came home with broomsticks, owls, and a bunch of things I couldn't name even if I tried.... And that day, my brother got a letter saying he was a prefect. Mother ignored me for the rest of the day, too busy fawning over him. You can probably tell why I was jealous of my spoiled brother. My mother wasn't a witch, but my father was a wizard and she knew about Hogwarts from him. He left us when I was six. I used to get scolded about not knowing magic unlike my brother. Looking back, I wish I said something like, Look, woman, you're not a witch either, at least not in the magical sense- so stop blaming me for not knowing magic!

But that day, a pretty owl that wasn't my brother's swooped in, tossed a letter from it's beak, pecked my finger hard, and flew away. (Seriously, they have a thousand owls at Hogwarts. Why this rude one?) I read it. I shrieked in joy. I ran to tell my mother, and she was delighted, looking at me with more interest than I have ever seen her look at me with my entire life. My brother threw me a disgruntled look as we headed to Diagon Alley. And before I knew it, I was running into a brick wall, holding on to a trolley with a cat on it as my mother happily cheered for me and my brother crossed his arms angrily from not getting all the attention. I screamed the whole way towards the wall, and without as much as a bump, I see the most beautiful train I'd ever seen- well, it was also the only train I'd ever seen. After a wet journey through the lake, I have the sorting hat on my head.

When did I get here? I wonder. It seems like only yesterday I got my letter... My thoughts were interrupted by a weird voice, murmuring "Ah, quite a difficult one here. A little too much of a high spirit." Then I think, Come ON! Rude owls are one thing, but a hat with a cheeky voice? "Hmm... you ARE quite feisty..." I jump about a foot. Oh, yeah. The hat could read my mind. Not weird at all. "But you have an intense wisdom...Ahhhh.... yes, you are feisty and brave, a talk-backer when it comes to things you are an expert at, but you are quiet and reserved when it comes to your truths...very creative, and empathic for others... but quite cunning and I sense ambition... not the bravest, but a desire for adventure and filled with loyalty... both Slytherin and Griffindor would suit you well..." "No no no!" I nearly shouted. My brother was the prefect in that house, and I didn't want to go anywhere near him. Besides, the evil Lord Voldemort went there. "Ah, so you don't appreciate your cunningness, so not Slytherin. But it's all in there for Griffindor... however, your wisdom conquers all. So I shall say..... RAVENCLAW!!!" Wow, I definitely wasn't expecting that. I knew I had a few qualities of a Ravenclaw, but I didn't think I'd be sorted into it!

The moment I sat down, I was greeted by a girl who got sorted just before me. "Hi, I'm Ella Kidd!" I liked her instantly, and I knew we would be friends. The Sorting ended and the table turned over, revealing the most delicious food I had ever seen. But that night, I went to sleep thinking, "I was surrounded by people just like me....but I didn't really empathize with any of them..."

The next day, I headed to my first class and I bumped into a first year Slytherin girl. Knowing how mean Slytherins were, I quickly tried to swerve around her but she said, "Hi! Are you okay?" I nodded, feeling confused. Why was she being so nice? She introduced herself. "My name is Aquarius Black. You can call me Bella. Most people don't like me because I'm the sister of Sirius Black. I met your brother this morning, and he's really mean. He warned me not to talk to you, but I'm not going to listen to him. You seem like a friendly person! One of my brothers, Regulus Black, is just like your brother- a jerk. So your name is Phoenix, right? Nice to meet you!" I blinked. In just a few sentences, I could totally related with this grey-eyed girl. I realized she was expecting a response, and I replied, "Yes, I am. It's...great to meet you, Bella." I meant it. We found out we had our first class together, Potions, and we walked with each other. We sat together and became great friends.

After that was Charms, which I had looked forward to the most. I was certainly not disappointed. The classroom was too small for more than fifteen people, so only first year Ravenclaws had class at this time. Professor Flitwick was preparing to begin, piling books on top of each other to stand on top of so that we could see him.

Still in high spirits after becoming friedns with Bella, I turned to the person next to me and said excitedly, "This is my favorite class! What's yours?"

The person looked surprised. "Really? Interesting! I like Charms, too, but my favorite is Care of Magical Creatures, as well as Herbology."

"I like Care of Magical Creatures too! Not Herbology, though. I'm Phoenix, by the way."

"I'm Merlin D. Trelawney. Nice to meet you!" Merlin said, smiling.

"It's nice to meet you too!" Before I could add on, Professor Flitwick had managed to climb top of the books and was waving his hand for everyone's attention. Merlin and I settled into our seats, quills in our hands, eager to learn.

Next was Herbology, which we had with Gryffindors and I wasn't looking too forward to it.

While poking my finger at a gross, slimy thing, someone behind me said "Careful. That's a mandrake. We're not supposed to handle those until second year! What are they doing here?" I turned around and gave the person a friendly smile. Making friends with Bella and Merlin inspired me to make other friends. "Hi! Wait, that's what a mandrake is? It looked different in 'One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi'!" "You read it too?" The person said, looking shocked. "It's a huge book!"

"Well, I love reading," I said defensively. "Wait, what do you mean, 'you read it too?' You read it as well?" A smile broke on the person's face and said, "Yes! I love reading too! I'm Marek Rose." Wow, a fellow reader! My respect for Marek multiplied by a thousand. "Well, hi Marek! I'm Phoenix. And I have a feeling we'll be great friends." I said with a smile. Smiling back, Marek said, "I think so too."

And at that moment, I knew I had found my place.


If you advertise, please do it only once. And do NOT post anything inappropriate. If you do, I will delete it immediately and block you. You have been warned!

If you want to talk about my personal info or say something private to me, please owl me and don't post it on my wall.  No cursing, please. Also, I am online pretty much everyday, but not for too long.


One step towards my family or friends and the last thing you will see is a green flash from my Elder Wand. Don't even TRY to bully me or anyone else, it won't work and instead you will see a million insults back at you on your wall. If you'd like to follow me, please do so and I will follow you back. If you would like to tell me an issue that is going on with your life, please owl me and I will respond ASAP. I hate seeing people sad. In fact, I'm the admin of a dorm that lets people tell each other their secrets. If you would like to join, it is called 'Inside Out'. (Not the movie, guys. Why did movies take all the good names??!!) For some reason the link won't show up so here is the dorm number: Inside Out (#63613)

My Favorite Quotes

"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one."

"Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile."

"Make someone laugh every day. Everyone needs happiness."

About Me

Eyes: Dark brown Hair: Long, wavy, really dark brown ~ Update on 3/17/21: Now my hair is short and choppy, only down to my shoulders. It's less annoying now!

Age: Not gonna happen until we become good friends and I decide that I trust you.

Religion: Muslim

Pronouns: She, her

Patronus: Black Mare

Wand: Black walnut wood with a unicorn hair core, 13 ¼" and unyielding flexibility, but the Elder Wand was soon passed down to me and now I use both: My regular wand for everyday life, and the Elder Wand for when I'm on my Auror job or when I duel (I always win- LOL!)

Boggart: Sometimes after I've watched a scary movie, my boggart can be a clown. But most of the time, it's darkness. Yes, I'm afraid of the dark, laugh all you want but it's true. Actually, I wont let you laugh all you want- I'm the owner of the Elder Wand, remember? SILENCIO!

Favorite Magical Candy: Chocolate Frogs and wizard crackers

Favorite classes: Charms, Transfiguration, Care of Magical Creatures

Best friends: Aquarius Black, Marek Rose, Ella Kidd, Merlin D. Trelawny (I have tons of friends. I can't just give all of them a shout out, so please don't feel bad if I didn't say your name. All of you are amazing!)

Fun facts: My real name in real life is not Phoenix; I don't know how to swim; My favorite animals are cats and horses; My favorite color's purple.

Hobbies: I LOVE flying, it's seriously the best. I own a Nimbus 2001 (I would love a Firebolt- but they're too fast and I don't like to feel that weird stomach sensation). But Quidditch is a big no, because there are about one million ways to get hurt. If I were on the Quidditch team, though, I would be a Chaser.

I like to draw and then jinx the colors to make them fly around, jumble together, or animate them. I love making inspirational quotes. Not the cringey, catchy ones- ones that actually MEAN something to people. I also own the Marauders Map, given to me by Aquarius Black who got it from her brother, Sirius. My pair of enhanced Omnioculars can see miles and miles around. One of my prized prized possessions is my Pensieve, where I can live in nostalgia. But my favorite, by far, is the Time Turner I own. Being Mistress Of Magic comes with it's advantages. I have a cat named Hazel who is so smart it can read, and a phoenix that is thousands of years old. My favorite place in the Wizarding World is Hogsmeade, because Honeydukes is in it! I love anything with chocolate. House-elves love me and so do hippogriffs. Since my cat is not allowed in my office and my phoenix is too feathery to cuddle with, I have a Pygmy Puff in my favorite shade of purple. I can see thestrals, because I saw one of my friends pass away. My house elf's name is Runty. What kind of mother, elf or not, would name their kid RUNTY just because he's SMALL??!! I'm about to restart S. P. E.W because of this!

Job: Well, that's a bit of a long story. By the time I graduated, I had all of Hogwarts on my side. Everyone loved me for my wisdom and friendliness- except my brother, of course. One day I was sitting in my office (I became an Auror and I'm in a high department) when an owl flew in. Who could it be? I opened it... It said that everyone in Hogwarts thought I was a great person, and that I had the greatness to be Mistress of Magic. It said that if I tried, they would all vote for me. I wrote a letter back quickly and gave it to the owl. It gave me a knowing look and flew off. Huh, owls are wiser than they look. About a year later, here I am. The youngest and greatest Mistress of Magic the wizarding world has ever seen. Believe me, my brother did not like me much more after that. Now that I'm famous, I mostly remain anonymous and keep my name this- Moody's Best Ferret, because back when I was an Auror, Alastor Moody tutored me. And being the youngest-ever Mistress of Magic, he sure did teach me something.


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