Runaan Crowley


hey, i'm runaan! hit me up if you want to roleplay. i'm semi-lit to lit and looking for someone who is atleast semi-lit. so yeah, hit me up.

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Born in a pureblood family, Runaan has known about magic his whole life. His father owns a potion business and his mother works in the muggle world as an astrologist. As their only child it is expected of him that when he's old enough, he takes over his fathers business, although he isn't quite sure if that is what he wants out of his life.

Like ordinary muggles he went to school, but that changed on the fateful day his hogwarts letter arrived. The wand that he bought at Ollivanders is made out of pine wood, has a phoenix feather core, is fairly flexible and twelve and a half inches long.
Since his parents are on the wealthy side, money has never been a problem for him. Back at home he has a big room that he covered with countless of posters, glow-in-the-dark stars and art. When he was younger he always played in their garden, in which his father grows ingredients for his business. But as he aged, he spent more time inside and started to become more of the introverted self that he is today.

Often found in the corner of a room, he is found sitting in a position that is definetely not healthy for his back. Getting his tall and thin figure from his parents, he also inherited the same dark, bushy hair that covers his long and sharp face, which was pale due to staying inside most of the time. His eyebrows have the same colour as his hair and are straight and thick.

Speaking of straight, something that is not straight is Runaan. He loves his parents, but he struggles with the fact that they do not accept that he's gay. He had known it for a while, but it took him time to come out of the closet, since he wasn't sure of his parents reaction and just as he had feared, it was negative. They insisted that it was just a phase and that he was confused.
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