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Guess you’re on my wall. Here’s some info. I am a chaotic queer (they/ze/he), a satanist and atheist, an introvert, and I’m obsessed with children’s cartoons

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When I was sorted into Ravenclaw, I was slightly surprised, as I also have many Gryffindor and Hufflepuff qualities, but I suppose the Ravenclaw is strongest. I love studying magic and learning spells. I suppose the only class I really don't care for is History of Magic, but then again who does? DADA is fascinating, but my favorite class is Transfiguration. I have been really interested in Animagus, and I'm studying the process of becoming one. When I'm not in class, I will most likely be in the Library, the Ravenclaw common room, or practicing flying around the grounds.

Groups I have created: So far just one, it is a medieval fantasy kingdom roleplay group, please consider checking it out. I wrote all the lore and backstory myself and am pretty proud of it! Link:

RP Rules:

Do not control my character

Do not make your character too op                                                                                                                                                     

Do not reply with one sentence/match the length of my reply. I don’t want to write a whole paragraph and have you reply with one sentence.                                                                                                                                                                         

Have good grammar and spelling.                 

Most of my OC's are minors, so I am not comfortable doing a mature romance, but the RP can have mature elements, just let me know before we begin!                                                                                                                                          

No asterisks, please. Use “” for talking.                                                                                                                                             

Use third or first person, but don’t randomly switch between the two.                                                                                         

If you do any of these things, I will not reply until you change it.

My OC's: 

TW: Some potentially triggering things are mentioned in some of my ocs’ backstories, such as SH, death, fire (burning, etc) family issues, abusive family, homophobia, bigotry, ED trauma, etc All of them can vary, it depends on the RP we are doing!

HP Oc's:

Name: Lyra Black (She can be used for any type of RP)

Gender: Female, she is trans (mtf)

Sexuality: Bi

Age: 15-21

House (For HP RPs): Ravenclaw

Animagus (For HP RPs): Fox

Patronus: Owl

Quidditch Position: Chaser for Ravenclaw

Powers (For fantasy RPs): Telekinesis

Preferred Weapon: Dual swords

Appearance: Wavy black hair, blue eyes, round black glasses

Personality: She is very fierce and strong willed, and can be intense sometimes. She is very protective of the people she loves, but is also an introvert so she doesn’t have many. She can get angry very quickly.

Likes: Reading, flying, dragons, fire, silence, origami

Dislikes: Noise, most people, rain, parties, large social situations

Flaws: Temper

Pets: (For HP RPs) A black cat called and a grey barn owl. (For Fantasy RPs) A purple dragon who can change sizes at will.

Name: Rose Farim                                                                                                                                                                         

 Gender: Female                                                                                                                                                                               

Sexuality: Lesbian                                                                                                                                                                                   

Age: 15-20

House (For HP RPs): Hufflepuff

Animagus (For HP RPs): None, but she is a metamorphmagus.

Patronus (For HP RPs) : A black bear

Powers (For Fantasy RPs): Healing

Preferred Weapon: Mace or nunchucks

Appearance: Long brown hair, normally in a braid, warm brown eyes. (This is what she normally looks like, but changes sometimes since she is a metamorphmagus)

Personality: She is very bubbly and kind. She is also very empathetic and extroverted.

Likes: Singing, music, plants, heat, rain, and people

Dislikes: Cold, loneliness, conflict, and noise


Too trusting Pets: (For HP RPs) A tawny owl

Name: Phoenix Haluki

Gender: Non-Binary (they/them/theirs)

Sexuality: Omni

Age: 14-16

House (For HP RPs): Gryffindor

Animagus (For HP RPs): Eagle

Patronus (For HP RPs) : Lion

Quidditch Position: Beater for Gryffindor

Powers (For Fantasy RPs): Shifting or fire manipulation, depends on rp Preferred Weapon: Ax or splash potions

Pets: (For HP rps) A snowy owl

Appearance: Wild curly reddish/orange hair, green eyes, freckles

Personality: They are very tough and wild, and very loyal. They are also very kind-hearted and will give people the benefit of the doubt. They are an ambivert.

Likes: Flying, drawing, writing, fall, and animals

Dislikes: Winter, boredom, sitting still, and silence

Flaws: Too quick to let their guard down

Name: Quinn Hallman

Age: 16

Gender: Non-binary (ze/zem/zir

) Sexuality: Pan

Personality: Quinn is cunning, ambitious, and sly, ze has a short temper but is also fiercely loyal. Introvert

Patronus: A sea otter

Likes: Experiments, plants, cloudy weather, and spring

Dislikes: Heat, fire, people, and spiders

Flaws: Temper

House (For HP RPs): Slytherin

Appearance: Short brown hair, brown eyes, multiple piercings, vitiligo

Preferred Weapons: Zir mainly uses a longbow and daggers that range in size.

Powers (For Fantasy RPs): Ze can control earth (plants) and speak to animals

Pets: (For Fantasy RPs): Amber horse called Caspian (For HP RPs): An Eagle Owl called Arden

Name: Marceline (Marcy) Davis

Age: 16-23

Gender: Demigirl (she/they)

Sexuality: Ace and Bi

Personality: They are welcoming and accepting, always taking care of every person and creature they meet. She is a good fighter, but will only fight if necessary. She is an empath, but extremely social, so she feels a lot of emotions all of the time.

Likes: Astrology, playing the flute, flying, sunshine

Dislikes: Snakes, small spaces, being alone for too long.

Flaws: Too trusting and caring, too easily manipulated

House (For HP RPs): Gryffindor

Appearance: Wavy auburn hair, dark brown eyes, three strange birthmarks under each eye.

Preferred Weapon: Ax or magic Powers (For Fantasy RPs): Air and lightning. She also has large wings (feathery wings, similar to Pegasus wings) that she can make appear and disappear at will.

Name: Neia Uriro

Age: 13-17

Gender: Female. Trans, mtf (She/her)

Sexuality: Polysexual

Personality: She is shy and quiet, but really kind and loyal when you get to know her. She has synesthesia and is an ambivert.

Likes: Writing, poetry, birds, listening, quiet, rain, music

Dislikes: Confrontation, snakes, her mother, fire Flaws: She doesn't stick up for herself.

House (For HP rps): Hufflepuff

Appearance: Curly black hair, green eyes, round glasses

Name: Rita Underwood

Age: 16

Gender: Intersex, uses she/they pronouns

Sexuality: No label

Personality: They can be rude at time, is normally very snarky and sarcastic. She was adopted by muggles, and is a Slytherin, and wants to be an auror. She is incredibly ambitious, and will never give up on her goals. However, she is deathly afraid of bugs and small spaces, and her guard will drop when she is there. She hates bugs, but loves arachnids.

Likes: Parties, fighting, dragons, flying, the dark, music, playing guitar, spiders, ABBA, and Queen

Dislikes: Most people, bigots, bugs, enclosed spaces

House: Slytherin

Appearance: Braided purple hair, white eyes, glasses

Fantasy Oc's:

Name: Flora Lilliana Grace Ora Willowtail (Mostly used for my rp group) 

Age: 17

Gender and Pronouns: Female, she/her

Sexuality: Panromantic Asexual

Kingdom/Species: Nylfbelle/Fair Folk

Personality: On the outside, she seems kind, sweet and loyal, but truly she is cunning, fierce, and manipulative.

Flaws: She doesn't have any real friends

Appearance: Shoulder length auburn hair, purple eyes, freckles, large wings, pointed ears, tall.

Preffered Weapons: Bow or magic

Powers: She knows lots of Fair Folk magic such as old magic rituals, but she is strongest with shadowweaving and disguise spells. She also naturally heals much faster than humans and her senses are stronger, as well as being swift and nimble. 

Family (If any): Mom and little sister are alive, but her father and older sister were killed by elves.

Backstory: Flora is Fair Folk, she grew up in the Fair Folk kingdom with her family, but she had always wanted to leave. When she turned 15, she left to travel the world, but quickly learned that Fair Folk were disliked among many, so she hid her identity and adopted her manipulative personality.

Other things (pets, relationships, etc): She is single and like most Fair Folk has a sprite companion, hers being a fire sprite called Lucifer.  

Name: Arianwyn Fenyra

Age: 18

Gender and Pronouns: Female (she/her)

Sexuality: Asexual, omniromantic

Species: Elf

Power/Abilities: She uses her staff to harness her magic, and can preform many spells, but gets tired after a while.

Preferred Weapon(s): Staff or bow

Appearance: Long blond hair, hazel eyes, tall (6'4")

'Personality: Wise, strong, always thinks before she acts, normally quite friendly

Flaws: She overthinks things and when she gets angry she cannot control herself

Family, if any: A little stepbrother, one living mom, and a stepparent

Backstory: She lived with her moms until she was 14 and then one of her mothers died in an accident that she blames on herself. Her other mom plunged into a long mourning stage and she couldn't do anything. Arianwyn had to take care of the two of them and had to act as the parent. When she was 15, her mother met someone who brought her back to life and the two married when she was 16. Her stepparent had a son who immediately took a liking to her and looked up to her. The two bonded and got along really well. When she was 17, she finished school and decided to travel the world. She found a young Pegasus who she named Silver, and the two have been traveling ever since.

Other things (pets, relationships, etc): Pegasus, has been in a relationship but is currently single.

Name: Benson Oakrock (Used mostly for my fantasy rp group)

Nicknames: Benny (his close friends and family), Sonny (His parents), and Ben (everyone)

Age: 17-19 (Depends on rp)

Gender and Pronouns: Trans man, he/him/his

Sexuality: Bi

Kingdom/Species: Dwarf/Halfling

Power/Abilities: He has a yellow-ish/green garnet gem, so he has lighting/electric powers, and has been learning some simple spells on using the bagpipes from his halfling side of the family.

Preferred Weapon(s): He mostly uses his magic, but when he gets too tired, he uses an ax to fight.

Appearance: Curly brown hair, normally in a bun, dark brown eyes, a beard that he is trying to grow out.

Personality: Benson is very protective and loyal. He has a harder exterior, but when you get to know him, he is very friendly and trusting. He will protect his friends and family as best as he can, and tries his best to take care of him. He will sacrifice himself to save someone he loves anytime, and if anyone he cares about is hurt, he will be very angry and go after that person.

Flaws: He is much to trusting, so he can easily be fooled. When he gets angry, he is blinded by his rage, and will end up hurting someone.

Family, if any: He has two living fathers, one a halfling, and the other a dwarf. He has family in both kingdoms and visits each very often. He has one older brother, and a twin sister who died.

Backstory: He was given his garnet when he was around 4 years old, and has been training with it ever since. His parents taught him how to use it, and the dwarves in his family taught him how to use many different weapons, but he was best with an ax. When he was 14, he decided he wanted to learn how to use magic the way halflings did, and because he is not fully a halfling, he struggled with it. He has been training for a while, but is not very strong. He doesn't know many spells using his bagpipes, but is very good at using his gemstone, however he needs to take rests, because it is difficult and dangerous. Benson lives in both kingdoms, and works at his aunts blacksmithery when he is in Vorgari, and is considering joining his cousins band when he gets better at the bagpipes. When he was 12 years old, he and his sister were visiting the human kingdom with their parents when a rebellion fight started and they got seperated. When the fight ended, he saw his sister dead on the ground, and vowed to never let anyone he cares about get harmed again. He despises the rebellion, because of all of the damage they inflicted, and wants to join a peace group to help stop the rebellion, but his parents don't want him to get involved at all. His sister had found a gryffon egg a few days before she had been killed, and he raised it and took care of it. They bonded, and get along very well, and he named her after his sister. He travels the world with his cousins, performing wherever they can.

Other things (pets, relationships, etc): He has been in a relationship, but is currently single. He has a pet/companion gryffon. His gryffon is named Thalia, named after his sister.

Name: Briar Gold

Gender: Demigender (She/they)

Sexuality: No label

Age: 16-19

Appearance: Short, curly purple hair, grey eyes, large silver wings. They are short, about 5'2''

Personality: They are very mischievous, and loves pulling minor pranks on humans. She never does anything too harmful, but sometimes she goes too far. They are loyal and kind when you get to know her. Their style is very eccentric, and she loves making clothes and jewelry, as well as photography. She will take photos of anything and everything.

Powers: Can fly, hide her wings at will, turn invisible, shadow-weaving, and has magic rings that they don't know how to use.



Flaws: Doesn't think before she acts

Likes: Flying, pranks, fashion, design, photography

Dislikes: Walking, drama, plain things, the colors grey, black, and brown

Backstory: Her mother was a human, and her father was a pixie. They met and fell in love, and had her. They inherited most of her father's powers, but not all of them. When she was 10, her father left, he didn't want to spend any more time in the human world. He told her that one day, he would come back for them, and show them his world, but he has not yet. She has stayed in the human world with her mother, and trained herself to use their powers, and learn how to hide her wings, but they never really fit in with the humans. She has decided that if her dad doesn't come back for her, they will one day find the magical world on their own, and finally be with her people.

Name: Thorp Bellum

Gender: Female (She/her)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Age: 17

Appearance: Green eyes, dark brown hair, wears a tank top, a red bandanna, and an eyepatch.

Personality: She is tough and fierce, and doesn't trust easily. She is a strong leader, and fights well.

Preferred Weapon: Sword or bow

Likes: Archery, sailing, sword-fighting, reading, exploring, ship building

Dislikes: Dry land, dresses, laws

Flaws: Doesn't trust people, doesn't rely on others

Backstory: Her mother died in child birth, and her father died soon after, from heartbreak. She was sent to an orphanage, but escaped when she was 7, stealing to survive. She was taken in by a pirate crew, because she was quick and small, and was raised on the seas. When she was 14, their ship went down, and she was the only one who survived. She made it to land, and managed to make enough money to purchase an old, run down ship. She repaired it, and when she was 16, she set sail once again. She managed to scrape together a pirate crew, an all women crew, and they sail the seas on their ship, The Revenge Insanity.

Her crew members: Ezra, Melly, Mina, Lilith, Zara, Aila, Fenra

Name: Razor

Age: 17

Sexuality: Aro Ace

Gender: Non-Binary (They/them)

Appearance: Red eyes, curly black hair, shaved on one side, pointed ears, a scar across their face '

Personality: Cold, calculating, ambitious, distrusting, loyal to only themselves.

Weapon: Daggers Flaws: Harsh, loner Backstory: They're half elf, they inherited elf height, heightened senses, swiftness and like most elves, are light on their feet. Their parents were killed and they were taken when they were 5, given the name Razor. They were raised as a trained assassin for a well known guild, Boon of the Skull. They grew up among other kids like them, all of them trained together and experimented on, having a serum injected into their blood to give them powers. Razor was given Umbrakinesis, the ability to control and manipulate darkness, and the children were all trained harshly, their commanders forcing them to be tough and cruel, until they were 16, when they were released into the world to do the guild's dirty work. The group was all very competitive, each driven to succeed and rise in the ranks. They weren't friends, instead they tried to sabotage each other at any chance they could get, wanting the others to fail, but Razor was always the most competitive and coldest, wanting control and power, never satisfied. The only person who they got along with was another kid, Jupiter. He was 4 years older than them, and treated them as a younger sibling, attempting to shield them from as much as they could for as long as possible, however, they ultimately failed, and the two became a strong team, the Boon's top assassins. Theme Song: Are You Satisfied, by Marina and The Diamonds.

Name: Troxi Renn

Age: 16-19

Sexuality: Queer

Gender: Genderfluid (They/She/He) 

Appearance: Brown eyes, short-ish dark brown hair, freckles, fawn ears, horns, fawn legs

Powers: They inherited a few powers from their mother. Natural affinity, as fauns are highly connected with nature and spirits, kinetic burst projection, as some faun's can proejct kinetic burts from charged nature mana, but he isn't the best at it and it can be dangerous, and communication with animals through telepathy. She also heals a bit faster than humans.

Personality: They are very outgoing and charasmatic, he loves meeting people and making friends, and she is very loyal to the people she cares about. He won't hesitate to stand up to a bully, and will get into many arguments to defend someone and those arguments often result in physical fights. He knows what it feels like to be bullied and be the underdog, so she makes sure to alwasy try to aid people who are seen as outcasts or weirdos. They're really interested in music, nature and the stars. 

Likes: Stars, the lute, plants, rain, poetry, music, bugs

Dislikes: Fire, lonliness, bullying, being confined, sittting still

Quote: "Us weirdos have to stick together" 

Theme Song: Freaks, by Surf Curse

Backstory: He was born to a fawn mother and a human father and they grew up in the forest surronded by other fawns, and they always felt a sense of home and belonging, until his mother died in a fire.  Her father mved her out of the forest and into the city, where his family lived. They grew up around humans and away from the forest, and he always felt out of place and left out. She realized that they were genderfluid and queer, and felt even more like a freak when she came out and was harrased and tormented by other kids, however they kept it a secret from his father. Because of this, he began to feel resentment for who he was and what he was, and began to harm herself. It got worse and worse, and they eventually attempted suicide, but failed. Their father finally realized, and moved the two into the most magical city, and enrolled him in a school for magical beings like her, and they began to learn about their magic and abilities, finally feeling that sense of belonging. They decided that no one should ever have to feel like she did, so he was as welcoming as they could be, and would always stand up for the underdog.

Sci-Fi OCs:

Name: Hedrick Aeryin

Age: 16

Gender: Demigender (He/they)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Appearance: Light blue skin, dark blue hair, grey eyes, piercings

Personality: He is tough, but he is also kind and will always look out for the underdog. He had to grow up very quickly after his father died, as he had to take care of his little siblings while his mother worked full time. He is very strong, and doesn't like to show weakness in front of people, as he is normally the comforting one for others, a shoulder to lean on.

Backstory: His dad died when he was only ten, tearing his family apart. He has three little siblings, and had to learn to take care of them very quickly. His mom had to work full time, but she wasn't paid very well. He had to learn to steal so he could survive, and was taught and taken in by a gang who thought he could be useful to them, as a skinny and quick kid that was good at stealing. There is lots of conflict on his planet, as humans and the other species don't get along. The city where he grew up was filled with crime, and he and his family struggled to survive for a long time. When he turned fourteen, his mom got remarried, and her and his siblings moved to another city, a better city for his younger siblings to grow up. He had to stay in the city with the gang that had took him in, and had to continue working for them. It wasn't terrible, he was well liked and very protected, but it was always dangerous. Conflicts between gangs were prominent, and humans and the other species' were constantly fighting. When he turned fifteen, the gang fell apart, the majority of the members getting killed. The rest of the surviving members fled, and he barely escaped. He found a job and managed to find a small apartment where he lives with another one of the kids from the gang.

Legends of Zelda OCs:

Name: Rimira Meidani

Gender: Female (She/her)

Sexuality: Pansexual Age: 17

Appearance: Red hair, blue eyes, bronze skin, scar on her lip

Personality: She is a fierce warrior, much like the other Gerudo, and is extremely loyal to her people. She is very untrustworthy of strangers but once you get to know her, she is a good friend and a kind person.

Backstory: Her mother, Meirif Surodani, is a Gerudo general and a good warrior, and she trained Rimira all of her life. When Rimira was 14, her mother was killed in battle. She vowed to avenge her mother and be just as good as a warrior, and destroy Calamity Ganon and his monsters.

Gravity Falls OCs:

Name: Anna Corduroy

Gender: Female (She/Her)

Sexuality: Lesbian

Age: 14-16

Appearance: Long reddish orange hair, green eyes, light freckles. She is tall, taller than her brother.

Personality: She is very excitable and energetic most of the time. She is super tough, especially because her mom and grandfather trained her and her brother in all sorts of fighting techniques. However, she has trouble showing her emotions and doesn't want to show anyone that she has emotions, so she puts on a brave face, and hides her depression and anxiety. She is definitely more extroverted, but can be an introvert.

Likes: Sports, archery, hanging out in the forest, rain, art

Dislikes: Being alone, staying still, the quiet, fire, and spiders Flaws: Can be too aggressive and energetic

Backstory: She and her twin are the children of Wendy Corduroy. They grew up spending all of their time at the Mystery Shack, hanging out with their mom's friends' kids, who they are really close to. When they were 13 years old, their dad died (Not Dipper, just an oc). Their family was devastated, but are working through it. Their mom recently met someone and fell in love again, and they like their mom's new girlfriend well enough, but they still miss their dad a lot. They grew up hearing stories of Bill Cipher and the mystery's of Gravity Falls. The two love exploring the forest and having adventures, and the two were taught how to fight and survive all sorts of situations, and she really enjoys any sort of athletic thing as well as drawing.

Name: Michael Corduroy

Gender: Trans Male (He/Him)

Sexuality: Omnisexual

Age: 14-16

Appearance: Short messy reddish orange hair, green eyes, light freckles. He is shorter than his sister.

Personality: He is much more calm and quiet, he prefers to stay inside and do research and study, but still does enjoy exploring the woods, as he loves to document new creatures.

Likes: Reading, writing, studying, hanging out in the forest. 

Dislikes: Too much noise, physical contact, rain, and big dogs.

Backstory: He and his twin are the children of Wendy Corduroy.

They grew up spending all of their time at the Mystery Shack, hanging out with their mom's friends' kids, who they are really close to. When they were 13 years old, their dad died (Not Dipper, just an oc). Their family was devastated, but are working through it. Their mom recently met someone and fell in love again, and they like their mom's new girlfriend well enough, but they still miss their dad a lot. They grew up hearing stories of Bill Cipher and the mystery's of Gravity Falls. The two love exploring the forest and having adventures, and the two were taught how to fight and survive all sorts of situations.

Name: Maya Pines 

Age: 16

Gender: Trans female (She/her) 

Sexuality: Pansexual 

Appearance: Shoulder length wavy blonde hair, dark blue eyes, 5'8''

Personality: She is very kind and trusting, she cares a lot about the people she loves, and is very friendly and social.

Backstory: She grew up in California, where her mom and uncle grew up, and she loved it there. She lives with her mom, Mabel, her other mom, Pacifica, and her younger sibling. Her family lived by the ocean, so she spent lots of time in the water and was a very good swimmer. She knew she wasn't a boy from a young age, 7 or 8, and she told her parents that. They were very accepting and understanding, and helped her to express herself how she wanted. She went on hormone blockers at age 12 to stop a male puberty, and started  hormone replacement therapy at 13 to begin a female puberty. When she was 14, she was diagnosed with Lukemia. She began treatment, and they moved to Gravity Falls to be closer with the rest of the family, as well as for a change of scenery. She recovered and experienced remission, but her parents are still very protective of her.

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The Owl House OC’s:

Name: Demi Rose

Age: 15

Gender: Female (She/her)

Sexuality: Lesbian

Appearance: Pink hair styled in dreadlocks, freckles, dark brown eyes, pointed ears

Personality: Friendly and free, a trouble maker. She plays pranks all around school and often gets into trouble. She was stuck in the detention track for a while, but then got to join the bard and healing tracks.

Coven track: Bard track, healing track

Likes: Singing, playing the harp, plants, turtles, mushrooms, outdoors, pranks, stars

Dislikes: Detention, fire, grudgby, Principal Bump, bats

Backstory: Her mother died giving birth to her, and her father raised her and her older sibling on his own, but had a hard time as a single father. They struggled financially, and she had to train with her healing magic on her own until she was twelve. Her dad managed to save enough money to send her to Hexside. She was enrolled in the healing track, but was also interested in the bard track. She loved to sing, and she was very good at it, as well as playing the harp. She learned it in secret until she was fourteen, and Principal Bump found out and threw her into the detention track. She spent a few months there until the human, Luz, convinced Bump to let them take multiple tracks. She got to study both tracks. She recently turned fifteen, finally old enough to get a job. She worked two jobs outside of school to make more money for her and her family.

Specifically Muggle OCs:

Name: Cassandra (Cass) Abernathy

Age: 15-19

Gender: Female (she/her)

Sexuality: Queer

Appearance: Teal hair, shaved on both sides and the back. Wears leather jacket covered in pins, AC/DC t-shirt, ears pierced all the way up, nose pierced, eyebrow slit.

Personality: Tough, hard to read, loyal, kind when you get to know her. Ambivert

Likes: Writing, painting, ferrets, winter, mushrooms, pride parades, frogs, and lightning

Dislikes: The never ending void of space, too much social interaction, and fire.

Flaws: Doesn't open up, can be too aggressive

Name: Riley Seederson

Age: 16

Gender: Non-binary (fey/fem/feirs)

Sexuality: Panromantic greysexual demiromantic

Appearance: Messy pink pixie cut with a few braids, crystal blue eyes. Normally wears more feminine clothing, more wild, colorful outfits with a lot of jewelry (rings, bracelets, earrings, etc.)

Personality: Fey are pretty bubbly and outgoing, always wanting to meet new people, but fey do have a bad side. Fey is a huge activist, and if anyone says anything offensive, fey will not hesitate to march up to them and prove them wrong or stand up for anyone. Riley can get really stressed sometimes, and has anxiety attacks occasionally. Fey is definitely an extrovert.

Likes: Animals, the ocean, D&D, dragons, photography

Hates: Being alone for too long, quiet, bigotry, flying on a plane.

Name: Mei Li

Age: 16

Appearance: Wavy black hair, black eyes, glasses

Personality: She is intelligent and strong, but stays quiet with everyone but her friends. When she is with them, she is snarky and sarcastic, but also fiercely loyal and will stand up to anyone that picks on them. She is an artist, and loves to draw and design clothes, but she also loves drawing people.

Backstory: Her mother got pregnant at 17, and her father left her mother when he found out. When she was 5, her mother left and didn’t come back, so Mei was found and taken to an orphanage. She was bounced around foster care many times, when she finally was adopted at 13, She was adopted by a large family with many kids, so she feels unimportant and insignificant compared to her siblings. She goes through life mostly quiet around everyone except her close friends, and when she is with them, her true personality comes through. She is snarky and sarcastic, but funny and loyal as well.

Sexuality: Bi

Gender: Female (she/her)

Name: Jamie Daniels

Age: 16-17

Appearance: Curly red hair, dark blue eyes, light scruff

Gender: Trans guy (He/Him)

Sexuality: Bi

Personality: He's super laid back and relaxed, he plays the guitar, skateboards and is learning photography. He really loves animals. He wants to be a veterinarian, and when he is talking about something that he is passionate about, his eyes light up, and he gets very excited.

Likes: Guitar, skateboarding, photography, art, animals, science

Dislikes: His father, lightning, spiders, math

Backstory: When he was 11, his father left him and his family. He was the oldest of his three siblings, triplets, and had to take care of them while his mom worked. His father married someone else and started a new family, and Jamie has a longtime resentment for his father. When he saw his father again at 15, he had already began transitioning, and his father was extremely transphobic to him. He never spoke to his father again, and still has to take care of his siblings, while working 2 jobs.

Name: Ayla Diez

Age: 15

Appearance: Short, wavy purple hair, dark brown eyes, multiple ear piercings

Gender: Demigender (She/they)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Personality: She acts very tough and is extremely closed off, but in reality she is a big softy. She cares a lot for her family, especially her little brother. They only have a few friends, but they are all very close and she is extremely loyal to them. She loves playing the violin and is extremely claustrophobic. They have anxiety, and their biggest fear is losing the people they love. She’s fluent in Spanish and her favorite show is Legends Of Korra.

Likes: Violin, otters, Monster energy drinks, hedgehogs, writing music, stars, Fall, music, beanies, lightning

Dislikes: Small spaces, being alone, quiet, bugs, fire, sports, Summer, neon green, zebras.

Backstory: When she was young, her favorite thing to do was run around the house, singing as loudly as she could while pretending to be a famous pop star. As she got older, their love of music grew, and they flitted from instrument to instrument before they fell in love with the violin. She begged and begged for a violin of her own, and finally got on for her tenth birthday. She started lessons, and has been playing and composing her own music ever since. When she was 14, she knew she liked girls and guys, when she realized she had a crush on the girl who had just started at her school in the middle of the year. She began questioning her gender identity when she was 15, eventually coming to the conclusion that they were most comfortable with she/they pronouns. They came out to their family and was accepted instantly, no questions asked. Her mom constantly pointed out cute girls whenever they went anywhere with her, and her dad baked them a cake when they came out.



Name: Hailey Murt

Age: 16

Appearance: Blond hair in a braid, light blue eyes

Gender: Female (She/Her)

Sexuality: Questioning

Personality: At her best, she is hopeful and free, and tries to keep her spirits up. She is popular in school and she gets really good grades. However, she struggles a lot with anxiety and SH, and doesn't open up.

Backstory TW: Ab*se: She grew up in a very religious home, and was taught that being gay was a sin. Her mother raised her alone, and was extremely strict, and sometimes ab*sed her. When Hailey was 15, she developed feelings for a girl in her class, and began to question her sexuality. She knew she could never tell her mother about it, but she began to do research, learning a lot about the community and growing closer to queer kids in her school.

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