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Sup I'm Adrien! I like jokes, food, and animals. I'm kind but can be rude if necessary so don't try to take advantage of my kindness. he/him. Inactive

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Name: Grayson Pucey The Third, just call me Grayson (Used to go by Adrien but I changed my mind)
Birthday: November 5th
Hair: Dark brown kind of curly
Eyes: Brown
Sexuality: Bisexual!
Relationship: Single
Patronus: Dolphin
Pet: Toad named Lucky
Quidditch Position: Chaser
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My mother passed away during my birth and my father doesn't talk about her much so I don't ask questions. My father is Adrian Pucey ||, He was also a Slytherin at Hogwarts, He isn't as known as the other parents but was quite popular so I'm sure you can google him. I am a pure blood of course and the best chaser this school has ever seen since my father. I have 2 sisters who are both older than me and a younger adopted brother. I have a big sense of humor and can make a joke out of basically anything. Being boring isn't my thing, I'm always doing something and very outgoing. My friend group is big and is always expanding so don't be shy to owl me or follow me. I would say I'm quite kind but don't mess with anyone close to me because it will be the last thing you ever do. I'm great in all subjects but they are all booringgg!! I get all A's which is cool I guess but I'd rather be doing anything else. When I'm not studying or at quidditch practice I'm most likely in Slytherin common room making jokes with my friends, sleeping or stuffing my face with snacks in the kitchen.
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