Hai! My name is Grace Black and I'm a 1st year in Ravenclaw! I was born into a muggle family and I have a pet cat as my familiar, His name is Neko. :>

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Name: Grace Black
Blood: Muggle-Born
Pets: My cat familiar Neko

I started out my life as a normal child up until I was about 7 and then I started to notice that when I showed my emotions in large actions things would fly around the room. It freaked me out until I did some research and discovered that Witches and Wizards do exist! The only confusing part was that both of my parents are muggles so how did I come out to be a witch? Well it turns out that on my dad's side some of my ancestors from way way back were witches and wizards!

I'm a relatively shy ravenclaw who doesn't speak up much so I'm usually just seen sitting in the back of the class with my book and quill writing away notes from the lecture. Once you get to know me I open up out of my shell quite a lot and you start to notice my more artistic side and how I'm actually kinda funny and not just a nervous wreck all the time. I'm very much of a bookworm too so don't be surprised if you see me hanging out in the school library every day until I have to head back to my dorm.

My Current Jam Out Song
I Hate LA-
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