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Why do we celebrate birthdays? It’s just a year closer to death.

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Name: Cadence

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Favorite Anime(if likes): Boku No Hero Academia

Dislikes: Copycats, People who make fun of my favorite anime, people who make fun of my obsession over Harry Potter

Hates: Bullies, Homophobic people, Haters, and people being sad.

Loves: Boku no my hero academia, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, my bfffl: aestheticshine she’s a vampire and cooler den me.

Likes:Bed, Quotev( you probably don't know what quotev is, here’s a link to the home page, just copy and paste, my name on there is Angry Pomeranian) when This website is not ded.

Eye color: chocolate brown

Hair color: Brown

Can: do pretty much anything

Phobia; Hauntophobia, the fear of haunted houses.

Fatal flaw: to trusting

I am VERY energetic and social.

I’m always up for rping! Just owl me!!!

I think that’s all BYEEEEE!!!!
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