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Name: Afton Melia
House: Ravenclaw
Appearance: pale skin, light blue eyes, mid back length honey blonde hair, 6 "4'
Personality: smart, snarky, sarcastic, occasionally sweet to people she likes
Amortentia: cinnamon and cookie dough
Patronus: fennec fox
Sexuality: pansexual
Extra info: total insomniac but she's generally quite relaxed

Name: Alastor Wiseman
House: gryffindor
Appearance: short black hair, hazelnut eyes, brown skin 5 "11'
Personality: confident, playful, fierce, the personification of the uno reverse card, very easily flustered
Amortentia: fresh coffee
Patronus: hawk
Sexuality: bisexual
Extra info: big caffeine addict

Name: Persephone 'Seph' Embers
House: Hufflepuff
Appearance: tanned skin, pale blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, 5 "6'
Personality: sweet, shy, selfless, very competitive in quidditch
Amortentia: lavender
Patronus: golden retriever
Sexuality: lesbian
Extra info: plays on the Hufflepuff quidditch team as a beater (plays volleyball is a libero in muggle rps). She's also an animagus who can transform into a golden retriever dog

Name: Cordelia 'Dee' Silvers
House: Slytherin
Appearance: waist length dark brown hair (almost black), very pale skin, grey eyes
Personality: sly, cunning, brilliant liar, flirtatious
Amortentia: salted caramel and dark chocolate
Patronus: fox
Sexuality: lesbian
Extra info: she tends to flirt with people when she's comfortable with them. Her animagus form is a fox

Name: Ivangelys 'Iv/Iva' Oaks
House: gryffindor
Appearance: black skin, brown eyes, lower back length black hair (usually tied into a high ponytail), 5 "9'
Personality: snarky, passionate, short tempered, confident, brave, competitive
Amortentia: fire
Patronus: phoenix
Sexuality: asexual panromantic
Extra info: plays as a chaser

Name: Evander Hallows
House: ravenclaw
Appearance: short black hair, blue eyes, fair skin, 5 "7'
Personality: strategic, witty, bookish, awkward, smart, protective
Amortentia: hazelnut, chocolate and vanilla
Patronus: Great horned owl
Sexuality: straight
Extra info: he's an animagus and can turn into a raven
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