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Hazel-eyed baby<3 ~ any and all pronouns!

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"Happiness can be found even in the darkest times, if one only remembers to turn on the light"




FIRST! Rules and information: I'm open to pretty much anything during a RP, just ask! Mature RP is also fine(unless I say otherwise) I am SEVENTEEN out of character, please keep that in mind. I am on EST, I reply throughout the day however most often at night, and sometimes I go a long time without checking the site, so I apologize. Please answer with replies that are at least two sentences long, thank you!







Full name: Mia Griselda Abbott, but trying out a new name, Oliver! They're interchangeable <3




Faceclaim: Me!




《 Era 》


Harry Potter/Marauder/Modern Era roleplays 




Nickname: M.G., Oli, Olive


Age: 16 (but can vary in RP)


Pronouns: She/they/he


Date of Birth: September 23rd


Place of Birth: Virginia, USA / London, England


Sexuality: I'm trying to figure that out, for now polysexual is the best I can give you @-@ (polysexual is the sexual attraction to multiple, but not necessarily all, genders)


Blood status: Halfblood (Muggle mother, Wizard father)


"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live"




《 Wizarding Information 》


Wand: 9 and 3/4 length, spruce wood, phoenix feather core, slightly springy flexibility







Patronus: Dolphin - Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff







Associated with: Hufflepuff House, Mystical Misfits, S.P.E.W., the Sacred 28 Group, Dumbledore's Army





accent 0



Quidditch Positions: Cheerleader, but if I had to choose, Chaser


Electives: Care of Magical Creatures, Muggle Studies(easy Outstanding)




《 history/story 》


History : My father is a pureblood wizard from the Abbott family. My mother is a Muggle with an intolerance for magic. My father left wizardry behind to marry her. I’m one of four kids, the second oldest, with one older sister and two younger brothers. I, of all four kids, received a letter. My mother had always looked down on me like some heathen child, like the demon among her house, and I was ready to finally leave her awful domain and find myself in a place where I could be myself. My love of Hogwarts doesn’t just come from the fact that I’m intrigued by it and that it’s a literal magical place, but because it is more of a home to me than anywhere else in the world. After coming here, I’ve discovered my true identity, my true feelings, my true personality. I’ve become my own person, and I’m passionate and excited for the future.







"Time will not slow down when something unpleasant lies ahead"




《 Personality 》


General Personality : I'd describe myself first as a free spirit. I'm talkative, outgoing, yet slightly reserved. I laugh a lot, I am often in my own little world, and sometimes I talk to myself, not going to lie. I'm also quite sassy and sarcastic, so don't take everything I say to heart, I most likely love you if I'm comfortable enough to talk to you like that. I’m also not stupid, I’ll probably read your gimmick like an open book. I also fall in love at the slightest show of attention and affection, but I also fall out of love with people quickly. The person I love will be the person I can’t life without. - Pets: Burdock (my charming Golden Shaded British Shorthair<3)




☞ Hugs and handholds


☞ Starry nights


☞ Long, dream-filled naps


☞ Food


☞ Hanging out with friends






☞ Schoolwork


☞ Headaches


☞ Mosquitoes


☞ Being alone


☞ When someone contradicts themselves and denies it




Fears and Phobias


☞ Failure


☞ Death


☞ Loss of family and friends


☞ Big, empty spaces


☞ Sudden noises, loud or quiet Strengths


☞ Tough and strong, I don't cry often and I can hold my own


☞ Intelligent


☞ A good writer, listener, and good at giving advice


☞ Good singer and dancer


☞ Easily learns new languages






☞ Secretly soft boys (I know I know, make fun of me all you want but it's accurate)


☞ Others crying


☞ Emotional talks


☞ Dominance? I know that sounds sexual but you know what I mean, someone overpowering and protecting.


☞ Amortentia




Favorites Foods: Cauldron Cakes, chicken casserole, sushi, KBBQ, grapes - Drinks: Butterbeer, Sprite, fruit teas, boba tea - Animals/Magical Creatures: Hippogriffs, cats, cornish pixies 


Subjects: Potions (which I'm very, very good at), Charms, History of Magic







Colors: Black, grey, purple, yellow


Season: Autumn and spring


Music: I don't listen to Sweater Weather and Hayloft, you do 0.0(get it bcz i totally do) no but 80s music, indie, K-pop are some of my favorites, my all-time favorite song is "Still Into You" by Paramore.




"It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities"







《 Appearance 》


Skin Color: Slightly tan olive complexion


Hair Color: Dusty dark chestnut brown


Hair Length: Medium


Eye Color: Hazel (part green, part brown)


Height ~1.57m Weight ~53kg




"We do not need magic to transform the world. We carry all the power we need within ourselves already"




《 Style 》


Typical Hairstyles: Usually down, just below my shoulders, slightly done up sometimes


Warm Weather Hogwarts Outfit: Robe, skirt, vest, tie, collared shirt


Cool Weather Hogwarts Outfit: Robe, vest, tie, collared shirt, pants, scarf


Warm Weather Muggle Outfit: Shorts or skirts, crop top, oversized tee, or blouse, often layered with light jackets and flannels or dress shirts.







Cool Weather Muggle Outfit: Cargo pants or jeans, sweaters, turtlenecks, sweatshirts or blouses, layered with collared shirts and coats







Yule Ball Outfit: Yellow gown







"A man of many companions may come to run, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother"




《 Social Connections 》


Family: Mother, father, two brothers(younger) and a sister(older)


Love interest: None....yet 0-0 Harry Potter's quite cute though, isn't he? 


Best Friends: Neville Longbottom (G), Destiny (S), Hannah Abbott (H), Ava Riversmith (R), Cedric Diggory (H), Hermione Granger (G), Sage Smith (R), Adrian Malfoy (S)


Friends: Emrey Lestrange (S), Lavender Brown (G), Parvati Patil (G), Luna Lovegood (R),


Enemies: Gregory Goyle (S), Draco Malfoy (S), Cormac McLaggen (G)




"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good"




~Year One~ Charms: Potions: Transfiguration: DADA: History of Magic: Astronomy: Herbology: 


After Hogwarts: I'd like to be a professor here, or maybe I'll own a little shop in Hogsmeade!




"And now, let us step out into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure!"




IG: mia.gk23


TikTok: ......I have one but let's pretend I don't shall we???




Non-Main OCs:




~ ~




Name: Hazel May Darling


Birthday: December 28th


Pronouns: She/her


Sexuality: ???


Blood status: Muggle


Appearance: Dirty blonde long hair, vibrant green eyes, 5'5, glasses, light academia aesthetic


House: Hufflepuff


Age: 15 Personality: Sweet, kind, loyal, respectful, shy, trustworthy, cute, smart, chatty, fair-minded


Era: Mauraders/Harry/Modern


Specialty: Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology


Story: I was beyond shocked to get my letter, I'd never even heard of the place! My parents didn't think it was a wizarding school at first, till we got the shopping list and instructions. I was very happy to go though, and my parents are very supportive. I'm quite outgoing, I love helping others, and I'm a good student! I'm also pretty athletic, although Quidditch is a sport I prefer to watch.




~ ~




Name: Violetta Shaula "Fang" Black


Birthday: October 30th


Pronouns: They/she/he (Any pronouns are fine)


Sexuality: Pansexual


Blood status: Pureblood


Appearance: Straight black hair, dark blue, sharp eyes, 5'7, RBF, grunge aesthetic


House: Slytherin


Age: 17


Personality: Nicer than they look, protective, sassy, outspoken, intelligent, proud


Era: Marauders/Harry/Modern


Specialty: DADA


Story: I was raised knowing exactly who I was going to be. A Slytherin. My whole family was in or are in Slytherin, every last great grandparent and cousin. However, unlike most in my family, I despise the pureblood supremacy ideology. If I ever said that to my mother, or anyone in my family for that matter, I'd be disowned. Someday I'll stand up for myself. For now, I'm one of the top Slytherin students, and I hope to continue that way. Friends don't often come to me, and even if I were to approach people, I think they'd ignore me, so having friends is always nice, as long as you're not fake. I'm always down to cause a little trouble, as long as it's within reason and my ideology.




~ ~




Name: Juno Piautos "J.P." Carrow


Birthday: October 17th


Pronouns: He/him


Sexuality: Straight


Blood status: Pureblood


Appearance: Dark hair, one eye that’s half blue half brown, one blue eye


House: Ravenclaw


Age: 17


Personality: Cold to strangers, sweetheart, intelligent, analytical, caring, protective, strong, creative, emotional, sarcastic, annoying, flirty, did I mention flirty


Era: Marauders/Harry/Modern


Specialty: Transfiguration and DADA


Story: I was the first of my family to be a Ravenclaw. How disappointed my father was, it hurt knowing I would have to tell him I wasn’t under the usual family house. However, now that I look back, making him mad was kind of fun. I came here because my whole family came here, and I’m proud to say I’ve done better than my parents ever did. I'm sorry if I scare you, I'm told I'm intimidating, and those who say so are probably right. But I'm also goofy, and I'm kinda mean to be honest. But I have a soft spot for people I like, and I'll probably flirt with you. Scratch that, I will flirt with you, if I like you, of course. ~








Name: Jamie Williams


Birthday: January 24th


Pronouns: He/him


Sexuality: Demisexual


Blood status: Muggle


Appearance: Soft blonde hair, freckles, glasses, blushing cheeks, amber eyes


House: Ravenclaw


Age: 17


Personality: Creative, smart, quirky, insecure, adorable, independent, unique, bright, kind


Era: Mauraders/Harry/Modern


Speciality: Care of Magical Creatures, Transfiguration


Story: Where to start...I was raised by a single mom in England, my dad died when I was young. I got my letter to Hogwarts, which my mom was actually pretty excited about. She took me to Diagon Alley and helped me buy everything, we were both so in awe of the place. I came out as trans to her via owl in my first year, she was very happy. She asked me what finally pushed me to tell her, since I'd known for so long, and I told her how the girl's dormitories had rejected my entry here. I'm the founder of the Queer Young Wizard's Club, Dumbledore's our overseer, and I'm also one of a few of the members of the club responsible for talking with the younger members about their identities and attractions, helping them figure out who they are. It's a lot of fun, and I get to help young kids become who they really are. Enough about that, though. I'm a very good student with a passion for music and art in general. I would like to become an animagus eventually, and maybe I'll continue being an LGBTQ+ kids counselor in the future.




Marvel OC(s):




~ ~ ~




Name: Alexis “Alex” Johnson


Birthday: April 5th


Pronouns: She/they


Sexuality: Biromantic(preference for men)/asexual


Appearance: (Alex)Medium, brown hair, brown eye (Seraphim)Short, white hair, ice blue eyes


Age: 16


Personality: tbd


“Made up name”-Peter Parker: Seraphim


Story: Alexis was born into a very religious Christian family. As the middle child, she was very outspoken and rebellious, and eventually began to doubt her beliefs and entire existence. When they met Seraphim, though, her heart was changed. She became the most close to her beliefs in the entire family, literally. Seraphim, however, was born into the royal line of King David and Bathsheba as a princess until she died tragically while fighting for the kingdom of God against the evils of the world. After the death of their body, God saw her efforts as a mortal, and Seraphim's spirit was given the gift of another chance to fight for the Kingdom. He sent them down to find someone willing to take on her spiritual and supernatural abilities. So yes, Seraphim and Alex are two different spirits. Story behind name: Their powers are similar to that of a seraph and 'seraphim' is a plural form of the word 'seraph' (which fits with seraph's gender identity of being more than one, or an undefined, expression of gender). Seraphim pronouns: Any, preferably They/them/themself, it/its/itself or Seraph/seraphs/seraphself. However, when referring to the princess seraph was in it’s mortal life, her pronouns were she/her/hers. Powers: Flying, able to manipulate flame, able to create flame out of thin air, able to calm people and bring them to an extremely relaxed state(eg. able to make the enemy fall asleep or unable to move


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