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»  Name: Belle Ameila Brookes

» Age: 16 (Can change for a roleplay)

» Sexuality: Pan maybe... (Honestly just questionening) 

» Pronouns: She/they

» Nicknames: Bells or Bee 

» Personality: Belle is a very shy girl who doesn't really talk to anyone. She has a lot of trust issues and it takes a lot for her to trust people. She a full-on book reader and finds herself getting sucked into a made-up world. She also tends to daydream a lot. Once you get to know her and gain her trust, she a sweetheart with a big heart.



» Backstory: From the outside, Belle seemes like the perfect girl. To people who knew her parents, she was the perfect little girl with the perfect family. However, this was far from truth. Her parents were both physical and and physicalogical abusive witch contrubuted to her shyness and trust issues. Belle always felt like she was an outsider in her own family...

To contrubute to her trama, her brother was killed front of her and her younger sister when Belle was just 13 years old. From there, she spent the next year taking care of her sister and dealing with her parents abuse till she was 14 when she was disowned and kicked out of the house. 



» Parents: Lillianna and Carter Brookes

» Siblings: Violet Brookes (Younger sister) and Parker Brookes (Older brother, decessed) 



» Blood Status: Muggleborn

» Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

» Wand: Dogwood wood with a phoenix feather core, 10 ¾" and rigid flexibility

» Patronus: Mongrel Dog 



» Hair: Long Dark Brown Hair that she mostly wears up in eaither a high ponytail or bun. 

» Eye Color: Bright Green eyes that sparkle in the sun and moon light. 

» Height: 5"3

» Accessories: Wears a ribbon in her hair and has a gold ring with a pinkish/gold rose.






YEAR 1: 

» Astronomy - 79% (A)

» Charms - 91% (O)

» DADA - 89% (E)

» Herbolgy - 88% (E)

» History of Magic - 86% (E)

» Potions - 84% (E)

» Transfigurations - 88% (E) {Working On}



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