Samuel Black


*Disclaimer!!! I'm 18+ IRL so... yeah*

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Hair: Dark Brown/Black, Medium length
Eye colour: Grey/Green/Blue (Literally IRL changes based on my mood)
Skin tone: Light
Height: 6' 1"
Age: 16 (changes if needs be for RP)

Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: In a relationship with Amaya Zabini
Friendships: Best Mates - Daniel Nott, Lucas Avery.
Wand: Black Aspen, Dragon Heartstring, 13", Rigid

Patronus: Silver Fox
Animagus: Silver Fox
Pets: White Bengal Cats (Milo)

Accessories: Gold Ring with a White Gold Snake, worn on left hand middle finger
Abilities: Parselmouth, Occlumens

Quidditch: Seeker
You want to know my Backstory? Well I do too, so if you find out let me know. I grew up in St. Mary's Orphanage for boys, getting beaten and forced to work around the orphanage. When I was five I was adopted by a kind elderly couple, who showed me what love felt like. As soon as I discovered my magic I began to train and practice, oblivious to the laws of underage magic. I'm not sure what happened to me before I was born but what ever it was I seemed to be free of the Trace the Ministry has on underage wizards. I don't know much about my early life but what I do know is that I can do Magic and I'm damn well good at it! There hasn't been one spell I haven't mastered yet... 





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