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Hello, I'm Rosemary. I am a new student at Hogwarts and I'm only taking one course so far- Herbology! I love plants, and I'm excited to make friends.

  • Joined November 2020
  • Member of Slytherin
  • 47 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United Kingdom



Name - Rosemary Josephine Park
Pronouns - She/Her
Quidditch Position - Chaser
Wand - Palm Wood with a Veela Hair Core, Flexible
Patronus - unable to conjure one (likely to be a timber wolf if she ever learns)
Fav Spell - incantationem fuga (enchantment of flight; gives objects the ability to fly, like brooms)
Best Friend - none
Friends - 1
Courses - Herbology
Maledictus Animal - Timber Wolf


Rosemary was born on the 23rd September, 2007, in The Inviston Birthing Hospital.

Rosemary Josephine Park (2007-present), born to Mrs Marjory Park (1984-present) (formerly Miss Marjory Sparrow)and Mr Richard Park (1987-present), is a muggleborn wizard. She lived in a small English village called Inviston from the time of her birth, until she was six years old. Her very first burst of accidental magic prompted her parents to move far, far away from Inviston. This was upsetting for Rosemary for two reasons. Firstly, she did not realise why they had to move, and secondly, she had to leave her only friend, William Blanchford. The village of Inviston had, and still does have, a very superstitious population, who believe that witches are the Devil's servants on Earth, and suchlike, which is why Mrs and Mr Park were so desperate to move. And move they soon did.

The next period of Rosemary's life, ages six to nine, she spent in yet another sleepy countryside village, hidden away in the depths of the cottages basement. Throughout this time, Rosemary learnt to suppress her magic, all while learning the usual muggle subjects from a personal tutor. Eventually, the Parks were forced to run once more, when a tiny slip up in the middle of French class revealed the young girl's abilities.

From the ages of nine to eleven, Rosemary drifted in and out of education, as she and her parents raced around England. As her magic became stronger, it became harder for her to suppress, leading to random outbursts of magic. Her parents were very worried for her health, but didn't dare take her to a doctor. Rosemary heard her parents talking one night, when she was aged eleven, about money. With the constant travel, neither of them could get a job, and the money that Marjory had inherited from her wealthy grandmother was barely enough to cover the rent for their cheap apartment for another month, let alone feed and clothe a family of three. Rosemary felt that she was to blame; after all, it was because of her accidental magic that they had ended up in this situation. Rosemary believed that the only way to fix it was to get rid of the magic. Obviously, this isn't how magic works, but Rosemary, not knowing this, tried her utmost.

Fortunately, just a week later, Rosemary's Hogwarts letter came. She was thrilled to meet others like herself, and to know that she wasn't the only person with magic. Immediately, her ambitions soared. It took a lot of effort, pain, support, and patience to train herself not to suppress her magic, after doing so for so long, but with her stubbornness, determination, and ambition, she eventually managed. She was behind in most of her classes for a long time, but she managed to catch up, and has average grades in most classes. Her parents travelled back to Inviston and settled down on a small farm. They are both hard-working individuals, and the farm is prospering already. Recently, Marjory found out that she was pregnant again, and the Park family are overjoyed. They cannot wait for the new addition to the family.

When she was sorted, the hat took 16 seconds to determine that Rosemary belongs in Slytherin. Many Slytherins were outraged by this at first, as she is a muggleborn, but they soon accepted her as one of their own. The word 'm*dblood' hasn't been heard in the corridors of Hogwarts for a long time. Despite the serpent house warming up to her, Rosemary has never really had any Wizarding friends. She still dreams about her childhood friend William sometimes, and she hopes that she may someday find him...

Overall, Rosemary enjoys Hogwarts, and always looks forward to coming back to school after the holidays.


A long, long time ago, an ancestor of Rosemary's, Luca Elwes, angered a witch by breaking a deal with her. The witch cursed Luca's bloodline so that every woman to be born would be a maledictus (turn into an animal over time). The witch looked around and saw a statue of a wolf nearby. A wolf maledictus. There could be only one cure; to find an indestructible glass vial with a drop of the witch's blood and a drop of Luca's blood, (the vial was the contract of the broken deal), bring it to the witch's decedent, and together, shatter it.

Luca visited her godfather, another witch, and begged him to remove the curse. He could not, but he did place another upon her; no girl would be born into Luca's bloodline until his servants found the vial, and that girl would be born with extraordinarily powerful magic, with which she would be able to locate the servants and the witch's decent, provided she learned how to use it from the his own decedent. His servants were shadow creatures, who were bound to serve him, and then his decedents, until he, or they, released them. Eventually, Rosemary was born, her family not having known about the curses for over a century. Rosemary doesn't even know her own destiny yet, but she does know that she can transform into a graceful timber wolf. She isn't aware that someday, the change might be permanent...
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