Mattias Four Eaton-Prior


I want to be Brave & Selfless, & Smart & Kind & Honest-...I continually struggle with Kindness...

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Tris's Funeral:

Tobias stands alone in the rain at his wife's grave; Tris Prior-Eaton.

He kneels down and cries...and cries. He looks up, letting the rain sprinkle

onto his tear stained cheeks. "I love you, Tris!" he says, screaming out her name

once more for good measure then he brushes his fingertips over her name engraved in

the stone cemetary plot. "I didn't come for the cake on your birthday...I came to say goodbye

because I never got to when you were here." He feels a gentle hand on his shoulder. He turns around

to see a person standing behind him. A ghostly pale figure. He looks up and into the eyes

of the ghost who was once his wife. "You didn't come for the cake, I knew that already.

It was raspberry. You hate raspberries," the ghost said with a giggle that echoed

beautifully through the trees. Tobias stays still, closing his eyes and

savouring that sound. He listens until he hears the laugh fade

away into just soft pitters of rain on his leather jacket.

He gets to his feet and smiles faintly, knowing

that that was the last time he was ever

going to see his wife, Beatrice Eaton-Prior

ever again.

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