"Go ahead, underestimate me. I dare you." ~Mattias R-M

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⇒Name⇐ Mattias Grindelwald-Lestrange

Age 16

Pronouns They/Them

House Slytherin

Favorite class Dark Arts/Defense Against The Dark Arts

Sign Virgo

Relationship status Happily taken <3


⇒Mother⇐ Bellatrix Lestrange

⇒Father⇐ Gellert Grindelwald

⇒Best Friend(s)⇐ Astoria Greengrass

⇒Partner⇐ Draco Malfoy

⇒Ex(s)⇐ Blaise Zabini, Cedric Diggory, Harry Potter Theodore Nott


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Yes, yes, you know how the story goes. Mom met Dad, they fell in love and had me.Not quite, darling. Not quite. It was more like "Mother met Father, both wanted an heir. A badass kid to take overtheir high-held positions to the Dark Lord when they were dead and gone. They got together and had me;Mattias Grindelwald-Lestrange. Naturally, I was raised more by my Father than my Mother.Especially after she was sent to Azkaban. It wasn't long after I started at Hogwarts that I met my lovely boyfriend;Draco Lucius Malfoy. Together, we can rule the world, me and him. That's what we plan to do. Use our power to rule the world.

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