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<font face=courier> (I'm a work in progress, forgive me!)

Hi!! My name is Liz, but you can call me Lizzie, or some people know me as Juno! Everyone and everything is welcome here unless you're: Transphobic, homophobic, ignorant, ableist, racist, or just mean. Enjoy my wall and I hope we can be friends!!

<summary>A Little About Me!</summary>
Name: Lizzie Maxwell
Age: Hmmmm 492
Relationship Status: Taken <3 (I'm poly, maximum 2)
Likes: Rainy days, books, old libraries, Autumn, Rollercoasters and of course friends!
Dislikes: Mean/ignorant people, bullies, nonfiction books (Unless they're memoirs), cucumbers, overly-spicy foods

<summary>Rp Preferences</summary>
Genre: Typically romance, but I'm open to more!

Most of my OC's are straight/bi, and the majority are female! Almost all of the males are doms/switches, and the females are subs (with the exception of some). Here's a link to my OC's:

Please don't: Control my character, mention or use any triggers (will be listed below), kill my character, etc.

Please do: Tell me if I'm offending you, accidentally mentioning a trigger, making you uncomfortable, tell me if you're not interested in a rp before leaving it.

<summary>Triggers (Warning: Some of my Triggers may trigger you)</summary>
- Rape
- Forced Sex
- Incest
- Abuse
- Self-H!rm
- Su!c!de
Thank you for respecting me and my triggers, especially in rp <3

<summary>Me, I guess</summary>
Name: Grayson Lucas
Age: 19
Relationship Status: Taken by my princess
Likes: Tea, rings, and my girlfriend. She’s mine.
Dislikes: People who don’t think before they speak :/, cheese and cockroaches.
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