Arden Lennox

A shoulder to lean on

Bi and proud <3

  • Joined November 2020
  • Member of Ravenclaw
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  • 1st Year
  • United States


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Name: Arden Lennox
Age: 16-19 (depending on rp)
House: Ravenclaw
Gender: Female
Personality: Fun, witty, protective, feisty, loyal
Relationship: Single (And ready)
Sexuality Bisexual
Blood: Muggle born
Appearance: 4'11, brown eyes, dyed pink hair, beach tan
Hobbies: Video games, hanging out with friends, reading, drawing, sleeping, eating ice cream

*New* Oc's
Name: Kenji Forbes
Age:16-19 (depending on rp)
House: Gryffindor
Gender: Male
Personality: Jokester, Sometimes can be very pessimistic, energetic, sometimes shy
Relationship: In and out
Sexuality: Gay
Blood: Mudblood
Appearance: Sports jerseys, shorts, sunglasses, messy brown hair

Male Oc's

Name: Everest Valorian
Age: 16-19 (depending on rp)
House: Hufflepuff
Gender: Male
Personality: Athletic, clumsy, loyal, passionate
Relationship: Not stated
Sexuality: Bisexual
Blood: Pure-blood
Appearance: Pale, red head, freckles, muscular

Female Oc's

Name: Blossom Aldaine
Age: 16-19 (depending on rp)
House: Slytherin
Gender: Female
Personality: Uptight, witty, stubborn, jokester
Relationship: Not stated
Sexuality: Lesbian
Blood: Half-blood
Appearance: Greenish-brown eyes, dirty blonde hair, beach tan

Name: River Pendleton
Age: 16-19 (depending on rp)
House: Ravenclaw
Gender: Female
Personality: Shy, reserved, talkative/open once you get to know her.
Relationship: Not stated
Sexuality: Lesbian
Blood: Muggle
Appearance: Light brown hair, freckles, glasses, casual clothes, tan

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