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[Name]: Itachi Cho
[Nicknames]: Ita, Chi, Cho, Choco, Chi-Cho, Tata, Chocolate chip
[Age]: 17
[Gender]: Cismale
[Ethnicity]: Korean
[Sexuality]: Homosexual
[Relationship Status]: Lonely ghost T^T
[Birthday]: December 21
[Family]: Barbara O'Conner (Mother), Truce Cho (Father), Katrina Keito (Stepmother), Mitsuko Cho/Keito (Stepsister)~
[Personality]: Itachi is very childish and very respectful, just like his older sister, Mitsuko but hasn't taken his father's remarriage very smoothly

(FC: Hyunjin (Stray kids))

[Name]: Asher Martinez
[Nicknames]: Ash, Ashe, Snickerdoodle
[Age]: 19
[Gender]: Male
[Etheticity]: Hawaiian
[Sexuality]: Pansexual
[Relationship status]: What's that?-
[Birthday]: December 22


{Name}: Malikai Grayson
{Nicknames}: Grey, Gray, Kai, Mali, Brownie, Latte (Espresso only)
{Age}: 17
{Gender}: Cismale
{Ethnectity}: Latino
{Sexuality}: Homosexual
{Relationship status}: #Singlelifeisboring
{Family}: Maddie Wright (Adoptive mother)
{Birthday}: December 23th


{Name}: Adrienne Niemann
{Nicknames}: Nie, Adri, Rienne, Nemo, S'more, Rozu, Puppy (Kitty only), Macaron, Oreo, Espresso (Latte only), open for more!
{Age}: 18
{Gender}: Cisfemale
{Ethnicity}: Korean, Hispanic
{Sexuality}: Pan and poly
{Relationship status}: Kitty's pup <3
{Family}: Ryuku Johnson (Step father)
{Birthday}: December 25th


{Name}: Kai Harrison
{Nicknames}: Harri, Kitty (Puppy only), Fortune, Give me some more!
{Age}: 16
{Gender}: Trans (FtM, He/Him pronouns please)
{Ethnctity}: Japanese, Hispanic
{Sexuality}: Pansexual, poly (max: 2)
{Relationship status}: I belong to puppy! <3
{Family}: My friends are the only family I have!
{Birthday}: December 24th


ᴀᴘᴘʀᴏᴠᴇᴅ ʙʏ ║ꜱᴜɢᴀʀ ᴄᴏᴏᴋɪᴇꜱ║©

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