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Fandoms I do

  • Harry Potter

  • The Vampire Diaries

  • The Maze Runner


  • Ask if we are doing a mature RP


Harry Potter OC's


-Full Name: Aria Lucis Knight

-Nicknames: Ari (anyone), A (close friends), Knight (Draco and Ron), Night owl (Hermione), Owlette (any Ravenclaw), Viper (any Sytherrin), Kni (any Gryffindor), Ariana the Princess of Hogwarts (any Hufflepuff)

-Sexuality: Lesbian/Female

-Blood status: Pureblood 

-Family: Marina(mom), Scar(dad)

-Wand: Unicorn core and laurel wood, 9 1/2 inches

-Appearance: Long brown curly hair, green eyes, tan skin, 5'5, freckles

-Relationship Status: Single

-Hogwarts House: Slytherin

-Personality: Kind, Funny

-Best class: Transfiguration

-Year: 7th

-Age: 19 (depends on rp)


 -Full Name: Cannon Ray Riddle

-Nicknames: Cans (Family) Tin head (His sister)

-Sexuality: Straight/male

-Blood status: Pureblood 

-Family: Tom Riddle, Bellatrix Lestrange, Harper(sister,12), Ben(brother,23) Blake(brother,23), Ryan(brother,27), James (brother,7), Mason (brother,14)

-Wand: Unicorn and maple, 7 inches -

Appearance: Short curly blonde hair, Bright blue eyes

-Hogwarts House: Gryffindor 

-Personality: Selfless, Harmless, Funny, Kind, Friendly

-Best class: Astronomy

-Relationship Status: Taken

-Year: 4th

-Age: 14 (depends on rp)




-Full Name: Faith Rose Lupin

-Family: Nick (Brother,2), Maddie (Sister,7), Raven (sister11), Mason (Brother,29), Nathen (Brother,29), Blake (Brother,14), Liam (Brother,14), Tegan (Sister,17), Lucas (Brother,15), Oliver (Brother,11), Noah (Brother,23)

-Nicknames: Faithy (friends only)

-Sexuality: Bisexual/Female

-Blood status: Halfblood

-Wand: Unicorn and poplar, 12 2/3 inches

-Appearance: Medium brown hair, green eyes, freckles,

-Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

-Personality: Funny, Selfless

-Best class: Charms

-Year: 6

-Age: 17 (depends on rp)

-Relationship Status: Taken

The Vampire Diaries / The Originals Oc's





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