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I am a girl with a very interesting family story, so finally going to Hogwarts was a very exciting but scary life event. I am hatstall- it took such a long time for the Sorting Hat to decide but it finally decided on Ravenclaw. I am very good student, not only because I do well in all of my classes, it's because I actually enjoy them.
My father is very known in the Wizarding World but I never let my family status affect my life, that is something I do not approve of. I was a small baby when He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named rose to power, therefore I don't remember it but one thing from that time has affected me a lot - he killed my mother. My father ran away with me, that way I could be saved. To this day my father values and loves a lot since I'm simillar to my mother.
I have a black cat named Jiji. He is my companion everywhere I go, I've had him since I was a small kid, he watched me grow into the witch I am now.
I'm known in the Wizarding World but not because of my family story. Professors and other wizards in our world are sure that I'm the strongest and brightest witch of the age. I can do wandless magic, I am strong at all of the spells but most importantly - I am very kind-hearted and have good intentions, everyone around, including all kinds of magical creatures have noticed. This is a trait I inherited from my mother. But I also have a weakness- I am an empathic person and let emotions get to me. It's hard to contain myself but I'm working on it.
I'm not sure what I want to do after graduation but I know I'll do something to help others. Magic is such a fascinating thing and it can be used for so many things, it's unbelievable. Since I am a very strong witch I will use my powers to help others, not to harm them. I want magic to stay pure and fascinating to others, not a scary, dangerous thing. :)
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