Rayne Lestrange


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Rayne Lestrange is a pureblood who is sorted into Ravenclaw. The sorting hat's decision was immediate, although it did note that she also had some compatibility for Slytherin. Her family urges her to discriminate against muggleborns and halfbloods, but she has always been quite rebellious. It would make sense that even their values clash. Despite being a Ravenclaw, she is not studious. She is rather lazy when it comes to schoolworks, but her artistry and intelligence shines in other ways. When things hold her interest, they hold it greatly and intensely. She is either barely passing in my classes, or absolutely excelling. Two of the classes she likes the most are Care of Magical Creatures and Defense Against The Dark Arts. These two are also the classes she excel in the most. On the contrary, she detests Potions class. The routine of brewing potions makes her very impatient. She also excels in flying; it is one of her greatest past times. She would join the Quidditch team, but she's quite scared of the commitment. Once she graduates from Hogwarts, she will most probably either become an Auror or look into taking care of magical creatures. For now, she is satisfied with random sneaky (illegal) fights and taking care of Zeus, her very clever cat.
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